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Costa del Sol TV - Entrevista a Charan Anand

You're invited to the 3rd Annual TPRF Golf Tournament

The Prem Rawat Foundation
Premlata Hudson RawatHello,
As the new President of The Prem Rawat Foundation, I would like to personally invite you to participate in TPRF’s 3rd Annual Golf Fundraiser on December 8th, 2013, at the Trump National Golf Club in beautiful Palos Verdes, California. This year we want to celebrate YOU in Five-Star style! We will offer 18 ocean-view holes of golf on this world-class course, as well as a sumptuous brunch, a sunset cocktail hour, and a gourmet dinner. We will also feature a live concert, an auction, and a raffle plus some very exciting surprises!
Because of the astonishing generosity of our donors, TPRF’s Golf Tournaments have been able to raise significant funds for our Food for People programs in past years. This year, however, with your support, we hope to achieve strong backing for TPRF’s other signature program, the Peace Education Program.
The Peace Education Program, or PEP, has seen tremendous success in places as diverse as universities, veterans programs, retirement communities, and, most notably, in prisons and correctional facilities. This non-religious, non-sectarian workshop, operated by volunteers, facilitates the cultivation of inner resources like hope and the possibility of personal peace. The overwhelming international success of this program means that we cannot keep up with current demand without more financial resources!
There are many ways that you can help to make this fundraiser a success. For example, if you are unable to attend in person, you can support the Peace Education Program directly from on our website, tprf.org. Any and every amount is significant and deeply appreciated. After all, you make it possible for TPRF to do what it does: change people’s lives for the better by promoting Dignity, Peace, and Prosperity around the world.
To learn more about our 2013 Golf Tournament and to register for the event, please follow this website link: http://golfevents.tprf.org.
With Sincerest Thanks,
Premlata (signature)
Premlata Rawat Hudson
President, The Prem Rawat Foundation

To learn more about the ongoing activities of TPRF and ways that you can help, visit our website at www.tprf.org, and follow us on Facebook.

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entrevista a Charan Anand

Para la correcta visualizacion de este email te recomendamos que actives la visualizacion de imagenes en tu cliente de correo.

Este martes 22 de octubre,
entrevista a Charan Anand
en TV y por internet

Charan Anand, cercano colaborador de Prem Rawat, visitó Málaga la semana pasada realizando toda una serie de actividades que incluyeron la grabación de una entrevista televisiva que se emitirá mañana:
Charan Anand
  • Fecha: Martes 22 de octubre.
  • Hora: 22:30 h. (tras el telediario).
  • Título del programa: "Juntos construimos la Paz en Benalmádena".
  • Emisión por TV: Canal Costa del Sol TV (provincia de Málaga; ver mapa de cobertura abajo).
  • Emisión por internet:  www.costadelsolTV.com  
  • Se sugiere conectar sobre las 22:15 por posibles ajustes de horario.
  • Si te gusta la entrevista, puedes enviar tus comentarios a la TV a la siguiente dirección: produccion@gruportb.es
Para más información sobre la visita de Charan Anand y los actos por la paz, visita: www.lapazesposible.es
Para la correcta visualizacion de este email te recomendamos que actives la visualizacion de imagenes en tu cliente de correo.
Servicio de Información de la Fundación La Paz es Posible
Apartado Postal 2550 - 28080 Madrid – España
Tel.: 91.837.12.77 | Email: info@lapazesposible.org

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The Instrument - Watch it now on the Premium Channel

The Instrument

"You must listen to the music of your existence and know if you are enjoying it or not. If you are enjoying it every day — enjoying this life, enjoying this breath, enjoying understanding, enjoying knowledge, enjoying clarity, enjoying love — then you know the right instrument is being played by the right person and the sound is superb."
We were each given an instrument. The question is, are we playing it well? In this episode, Prem Rawat looks at what it means to play the instrument of this existence.
For a one-time fee of 10.00 USD or 8.00 EUR, you can watch the full-length video online, or get the video or audio from $10.00.
All profits from sales support the Words of Peace Global charitable foundation. Thanks to the help of so many volunteers around the world our costs are minimized, allowing more of your purchase price to go toward supporting our charity's objectives. 

Peace Day “Message of Peace” Plays on Big Screen in Leicester, UK

Artist Karen Livingstone lives in Leicester, England, having spent time in the United States, India, Australia and Europe, and earning an MFA at Yale. Karen worked successfully with a team of volunteers to make TPRF and WOPG videos and other materials an important part of Leicester’s Peace Day celebration. This is her story.
Like many UK cities, Leicester has had a Big Screen since the Olympics in 2012; it is located in the center of town in a busy shopping district.  For some time, I thought it would be a fantastic place for a message of peace from Prem Rawat to be shown.  Some people I knew agreed, and we began to look into what was involved. One person knew how to contact the people at Leicester City Council (LCC), so we had a good start.
International Peace Day seemed to provide the perfect setting for what we had in mind. I contacted LCC and was told that the content of the screen was up to the BBC and that LCC would be removing their screen by the 21st of September, International Peace Day (IPD).  LLC offered to send any material I submitted to the BBC, and, if approved, they would try to get it shown on the Big Screen before the 21st.
TPRF Peace Day Booth in Leicester UKBy the time we received the four short videos from TPRF’s Peace for People 2013 campaign, it was necessary to submit the material directly to the BBC, using the contacts LCC had provided.
In the meantime, Leicester City was having a Festival Day. As part of the event, the famous Leicester City Fruit & Vegetable Market was turned over to local charities and nonprofit organizations. Leicester Peace Initiative (a local nonprofit organization supporting Prem Rawat’s peace initiatives) heard about it just in time to book a stall.
Kamla Pattni, who was helping me with the Big Screen project, works for the LCC and expected the mayor to attend the market on the Festival Day. He did, and Kamla brought him over to the peace stall where he watched a DVD of Prem Rawat talking about peace. He was impressed enough with the video and materials at the stall to offer his help with any future projects.
This was just what we needed: a foot in the door–incremental progress!  Consequently, Kamla emailed the mayor about our efforts with the Big Screen Project, attaching links to the Introduction to the Peace Education Program, the four short TPRF videos, and the Peace Beats clip. He responded positively. She then rang my contact at LCC and, to her surprise, found that the BBC had already approved two TPRF videos for showing on the Big Screen.
Everything came down to the wire every step of the way. Kamla and I had to have fierce determination and tenacity, but it paid off.Leicester Peace Day Booth
By the time we received the final formatted clips, we managed to get the plan improved to include all four TPRF clips, plus a video from Peace Beats. The material appeared on the Big Screen from Tuesday, September 17th, through Sunday, the 22nd, from 8:00 A.M. to midnight every hour. On Peace Day, we were allowed to have a gazebo at the foot of the Big Screen from 10:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M. for displaying WOPG and TPRF materials and cards, and for showing video clips on laptops and a TV.
The gazebo drew many people of diverse ethnicity and backgrounds, and generated a lot of local support. It was truly satisfying to see Prem Rawat’s message shown on such a large screen in a public place here in Leicester for the first time anywhere in the world. It all happened without incurring any advertising costs and only a minimal set-up cost of £100.00 for a technical person.
The display captured the imagination of the public so much that some of them were willing to stand in front of a video camera and express their views on peace! In the end, the response from the Council was so positive that they waived their normal fee for placing the gazebo on the public space, without even being asked!
A lot of people are now all fired up to do more!
LC 1

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Save the Date - 3rd Annual TPRF Golf Tournament

The Prem Rawat Foundation

Trump National Golf Club

Save the Date

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The 3rd Annual TPRF Golf Tournament
will benefit Peace Education Program

Trump National Golf Club, Los Angeles


Peace Education Program
Proceeds from this event will be used to support TPRF's signature Peace Education Program, which helps participants discover their own inner resources—innate tools for living such as inner strength, choice, and hope—and the possibility of personal peace. This innovative and rapidly growing educational program, which is non-religious and non-sectarian, is facilitated by volunteers around the world who are helping to initiate successful PEP activities in prisons, retirement communities, colleges, and other institutions that serve people. Learn more about PEP here.

Trump National Golf Club, Los Angeles
Plan on spending the entire day with an all-you-can-eat Sunday brunch, playing golf on the spectacular ocean-view course.
Non-golfers can hike the trails that meander throughout the course, enjoy a sunset cocktail hour, an incredible gourmet dinner by Trump's French chef, auction with surprise items, and live music.
Learn more about Trump National Golf Club on their website.
Terranea Resort
Hotel reservations can be made at Terranea Resort, a premier oceanfront hotel and spa with spectacular views of the Pacific — 10 minutes from Trump National Golf Club

"Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles is the pinnacle of the luxury golf experience. With a world renowned restaurant, unmatched service, exclusive amenities, and the most spectacular panoramic Pacific Ocean views, Trump National has no equal."
~ Donald Trump

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Do you know what’s happening in Long Beach, California?

Prem Rawat at the INSPIRE FOR PEACE Meeting and Fair, that's what!

The meeting will feature:
  • An address from Prem Rawat sharing his vision.
  • New music, videos, printed materials and Words of Peace merchandise, hot off the press!
  • An interactive fair with booths to explore, materials to watch and people to talk to about their grassroots initiative or project.
We'll also be talking about the amazing things that happened this year on International Peace Day at the meeting. From 1,000 people marching for peace in Ecuador to peace talks in Ivory Coast, some phenomenal initiatives took place — with remarkable results. The interview between Prem Rawat and Jeremy Gilley was broadcast to 25 million people in South America alone. Hear more of these stories at the meeting!

Who should attend?

If you're someone inspired to help share a message of peace — whether in your local community, at your college or amongst your colleagues — and you want to hear about Prem's approach and some grassroots ideas from people like you — this event is for you. You're very welcome to attend.
So what are you waiting for? Request an invitation for the Inspire for Peace Meeting and Fair in Long Beach, California!
Words of Peace Event Team,

"Your True Nature" now on the Premium Channel

Your True Nature

"We forget who we are. In this desert, the first person you need to understand is not your friend, not your family member, not your colleague. First you need to understand who you are. The truth, the reality, the beauty, the prosperity, the peace you are looking for — you never lost it. Never. It was always within you."
This episode focuses on the true nature of human beings. Rain Rucker, Executive Producer, said:
"This episode has a really nice flow and rhythm to the editing. Like many of the episodes this year we were able to take advantage of the flexibility that the high resolution, RED cameras provide. We were able to control the framing throughout the episode, choosing close ups for the right moments, and also do very slow, elegant zooms that add movement and breathe a little life into the video, really helping to enhance Prem Rawat's message."
For a one-time fee of 10.00 USD or 8.00 EUR, you can watch the full-length video online, or get a download from $10.00.
All profits from sales support the Words of Peace Global charitable foundation. Thanks to the help of so many volunteers around the world our costs are minimized, allowing more of your purchase price to go toward supporting our charity's objectives.

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Something amazing to share!

What are you doing on October 26th? There's an INSPIRE FOR PEACE Meeting and Fair with special guest Prem Rawat happening in Long Beach, California! If you're interested in spreading Prem Rawat's message of peace, this postcard is for you. Follow the link on the card to request an invitation, share it with your friends and family and inspire someone today!

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Cusco, Peru

Brilliant sunshine crept into Cusco on the morning of June 15, 2013 as the city's Colisseo Cerrado prepared to open its doors for a memorable event. The Mayor of Cusco had warmly welcomed Prem Rawat to the ancient Incan capital days before at an intimate ceremony acknowledging his work as an Ambassador of Peace.
The atmosphere surrounding Prem Rawat's inaugural visit to Cusco was jubilant, children and councilmen alike joining in the celebration. The Mayor of Cusco was visibly moved, describing the impact of Prem Rawat's visit to the city as life-changing: "I said that this would change each and everyone of us. And I think that you can see that, in the people... I know that all who hear the message of peace that you have brought will be certain that they are part of the seven billion reasons for accomplishing peace."
As I walked through the stadium doors I passed groups of excited youngsters chatting amongst themselves as they took their seats. In an empowering speech, Prem Rawat spoke about the potential that each and every one of us has to be an Ambassador of Peace:
Are you trying to be the bird or the wind? Are you trying to be the road or the traveller? Because if you're trying to be the wind, it's not going to work. Because your nature is the bird. Be the bird. If you try to be the wind, it becomes problematic. Be the bird, and fly.

Peace doesn't need to be imported. Peace doesn't need to be created. Peace needs to be felt. Because it resides in you. You see, when you feel peace inside of you, you become the Ambassador of Peace.
Once the event had concluded I wandered through the lingering crowds, listening to people sharing their thoughts and feelings with one another. Prem Rawat had clearly started a dialogue about peace with the people of Cusco that they were keen to continue.
— Rose, freelance reporter

If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch the entire event on The Premium Channel or purchase it for your home collection.

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Les Amis de TPRF et l’Association Enfance et Partage
sont heureux de vous accueillir au 2ème tournoi de golf caritatif en faveur des enfants d’ici et d’ailleurs.
Venez nombreux et participez à cet événement qui par votre présence et grâce à votre générosité concrétise nos actions.
De très beaux prix et moments forts en convivialité vous attendent...

 • JE M'INSCRIS → cliquez ici   • JE FAIS UN DON → cliquez ici

Peace on the Inside

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John Adorney & Daya Concert Slide Show HD

Prem Rawat Live at Long Beach, California | October 26, 2013 / Prem Rawat en directo, en Long Beach, California | 26 de octubre de 2013

Barcelona_meeting.pngJoin us at the INSPIRE FOR PEACE Meeting and Fair, with special guest speaker Prem Rawat, on October 26, 2013.
The meeting will be an opportunity to hear from Prem Rawat and to learn more about the inspiring peace initiatives and activities happening around the United States. Take a stroll through the fair, visit the various Peace Initiative booths, check out the new videos, materials, music and the fun new Words of Peace merchandise and enjoy the day's activities!
  • Listen to Prem Rawat and learn how to actively engage with his message of peace.
  • Meet people who have successfully and creatively shared Prem Rawat's message in their communities andhear their inspiring stories.
  • Check out the latest Words of Peace materials at theInspire for Peace Fair and discover your potential to bring this message of peace to your community.

Ven a la reunión y feria INSPIRACIÓN POR LA PAZ con Prem Rawat como conferenciante invitado el 26 de octubre de 2013.
En la reunión tendrás oportunidad de escuchar a Prem Rawat e informarte sobre las inspiradoras iniciativas de paz y actividades que están teniendo lugar en Estados Unidos. Date una vuelta por la feria, visita los distintos stands de Iniciativas de Paz, descubre los últimos vídeos, materiales, música y la nueva, original merchandise de Palabras de Paz; y ¡disfruta con todas las actividades!
  • Podrás escuchar a Prem Rawat y aprender a participar activamente en la difusión de su mensaje de paz.
  • Conocerás a personas que han compartido en sus comunidades el mensaje de paz de Prem Rawat con imaginación y excelentes resultados. Sus historias te servirán de inspiración.
  • Infórmate de los últimos materiales de Palabras de Paz en la Feria de Inspiración por la Paz y descubre tu potencial para transmitir este mensaje de paz en tu comunidad.

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[La Orotava] Curso con videos de Prem Rawat | Comienza el 15 de octubre

La Paz es Posible
La Paz es Posible
Para la correcta visualizacion de este email te recomendamos que actives la visualizacion de imagenes en tu cliente de correo.

CURSO: DESCUBRIR EN UNO MISMO - VALORA LO QUE TIENES Y ENCUENTRA TU PAZ - Centro civico cultural Huerta del Moral - Los Cuartos, San Andres - Avda. Mercedes Pinto de Armas S/N - La Orotava
Más información. El curso titulado "Descubrir en uno mismo" utiliza una metodología interactiva, con proyección de vídeos de Prem Rawat y un breve coloquio. Los vídeos están especialmente seleccionados para instituciones culturales o universitarias. 
El curso completo consta de 5 sesiones de una hora, que tendrán lugar los martes y viernes, comenzando el martes 15 de octubre.

Organiza: Fundación La Paz es Posible
Para saber más: info@lapazesposible.org

Servicio de Información de la Fundación La Paz es Posible
Apartado Postal 2550 - 28080 Madrid – España
Tel.: 91.837.12.77 | Email: info@lapazesposible.org