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Prem Rawat

These hands have cradled a baby. (In human beings, these hands have cradled a baby.) These hands with the skill and knowledge of a surgeon have healed a person. These hands, with the intent of love, have held a face and comforted. 
These hands have picked up a gun and destroyed a life. These hands—(not mine but hands of the world. Next thing you know, you know, say, “Oh, you killed somebody?” No.) No, but have taken, and destroyed.
It is of utmost importance to understand that the actions of this of these hands has to be governed by the heart and not the craziness of this world.

sábado, 14 de octubre de 2017

Keio University faculty of Happiness and Well Being in association with Bunya Publishing Celebrating the release of the new book The Stone Cutter by Prem Rawat

Prem Rawat & Takashi Maeno 12th October 2017
Keio University faculty of Happiness and Well Being in association with Bunya Publishing
Celebrating the release of the new book The Stone Cutter by Prem Rawat
Special guest: Prem Rawat
Host: Professor Takashi Maeno
Prem has been sharing his simple message of Peace with audiences around the world for over 50 years.
In October 2017 Bunya will release Prem’s third book The Stone Cutter.
We are delighted that he has accepted an invitation to come and speak to commemorate the occasion.
Professor Takashi Maeno is the head of the Keio University System Design Management research group and the leading expert on happiness and well being in Japan.
Professor Maeno met Prem Rawat in 2016 where their discussion formed the basis of a 10 page article in the Magazine Reiro.
Bunya-za events bring together the Author, the publishing team and the readers in a unique environment where learning and understanding flourish.
We invite you to come and experience this special event.
Please note: There will not be live English translation for this event.
Prem Rawat and Takashi Maeno

When12th October 2017 17:30~19:45
Part one: 17:30~18:45
17:30~17:45 Introduction and video
17:45~18:15 Professor Maeno’s address
18:15~18:45 Prem Rawat’s address
Short break 18:45~19:00
Part two: On stage discussion and Q and A 19:00~19:45
whereKeio University Hiyoshi Campus
Kyosei kan 2nd floor Fujiwara Hiroshi hall
One minute walk from Hiyoshi station
Hosted byKeio University faculty of Happiness and Well being in association with Bunya Publishing
In collaboration with Daiwa Publishing
SpeakerPrem Rawat
Takashi Maeno

Prem Rawat
Takashi Maeno
TranslationConsecutive translation from English into Japanese will be available but no translation will be provided from Japanese into English.
Admission priceAdmission price 5000 Yen

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Saturday 14 October (for North and South America)
Sunday 15 October (for Europe and Africa)
Times on Saturday 14 October (for North and South America)
You are invited to a special phone call (in English only) to hear the latest news about how Prem Rawat is taking his message in person to audiences worldwide - including highlights of events and media activities in Japan as well as updates on the December events in Barcelona and Los Angeles.
We will also hear about the strategy for events with Prem Rawat in the future and how you can play an important role in making these events possible.
The speakers on this 30-minute call will include:
Paul Bloomfield, Global Manager of Special Events
Hilary Davis, Global Event Organizer and Manager
Barbara Brogan, Global Sponsorship Manager
Roland Klepzig, WOPG Board President
In order to accommodate the whole world at reasonable times, we have arranged two separate live calls:
Call number 1:
For North America, South America and the Pacific Region
Times on Saturday 14 October (for North and South America)
4 pm – Los Angeles PDT
7 pm – New York EDT
Times on Sunday 15 October (for the Pacific Region)
7 am – Kuala Lumpur MYT
8 am – Japan JST
9 am – Brisbane AEST
Call number 2:
For Europe and Africa
Times on Sunday 15 October (for Europe and Africa)
11 am - London BST
12 am - Paris CEST
1 pm - Athens EEST
To convert to other local times, click here
1-712-770-4160 in North America
Access code: 414194#. See below for list of
local access numbers that may be less expensive.
If you have problems connecting, dial: 1-518-333-1520. You will be asked to enter the dial-in number: 712-770-4160 (do not put "1" at the beginning). You will be asked to enter the access code: 414194#.
We look forward to you joining us on the call.
Best Wishes,
Barbara Brogan and Roland Klepzig
Words of Peace

jueves, 5 de octubre de 2017

Prem Rawat

You want to succeed in your life? One of the events that I did in Taiwan was at the Dong Hwa University of Hualien. And it was all these students. They were there, and then they asked me questions. 
And one of the questions was, you know, “How do I do this?” And here is the trick. If you want to be successful, it’s easy. But you have to focus, focus, focus. And this is how you focus. When you’re with your family, don’ t think of the business. Just focus on your family, even if it’s for five minutes.
You want to change your whole life? Make heaven for someone, just for five seconds. Just five-second heaven. Start with your wife. Five seconds. Start with five seconds. Five seconds, just listen. You don’ t have to say, “Bla-bla-bla-bla-bla.” You don’ t have to say. Just listen. That’ s why the creator did not put mouth where the ears are. Separated them…put the ears here; put the mouth here.
So, shut this; open these. Five second. Five seconds. Not long. You have children? Listen. Focus, five seconds—just five seconds. Not “Arghrrrrr!” But just… five seconds! Make a heaven for someone in your life—start with five seconds. And maybe they will return the favor to you. And you will have a five-second heaven.
And then, whenever you want that heaven for yourself, five seconds to remember, “You are alive.” Maybe everything is going against you. Right? This is what it feels like, right? Everything is going against you, except for one.
Your life is not going against you. The blessing which life is, is still being conferred upon you. That hand is still on your head. Five-second heaven: “Wow!”
“Even in the darkest hour, I will not abandon you.” This is what Krishna says, “Even in your darkest hour, I will not abandon you.” Well, luckily, fortunately or unfortunately, we have managed to create the dark hour twenty-four hours. And even then, it is not being abandoned.
But do you understand that? Do you understand that? I know that every human being wants to succeed. But you can only succeed at that where there is the possibility of success. You cannot succeed where there is no possibility of success.
Where is the possibility of success? You want to succeed in this world? There is no possibility of success. But finding the peace in your heart, and having that fulfillment in yourself is completely possible.

domingo, 1 de octubre de 2017

Prem Rawat

You realize, human beings are trying to figure out how to fly—I’m not talking about airplanes. I’m talking, just fly, you know? “Fly, fly!” people say, “Fly, fly, fly in your success, fly in your business.” People are trying to … fly. And, you don’t have to sprout wings to fly. All you have to do is cut the bondage. Cut the bondage. That’s what’s keeping you back.
Understand your nature. Your nature is to be content. Your nature is to be happy. Your nature is to want peace.
Change your focus. It’s not that you don’t have the ability to focus. You have the ability to focus on the wrong thing. Change your focus … from all that, that’s not going to bring you peace to something that is going to bring you peace. If you’re going to search, search not for questions in your life. Search for that source that contains all the answers. If you’re going to search for something in your life, search for the mirror that will show you, you!
Search for the mirror that will show you, you, and when you find that mirror in your life, use it! Use that. Because without that, there is no difference in the dirt that doesn’t move, and the dirt that does move.
To know others is wisdom. To know others is wisdom. But to know the self is enlightenment. So, you know other people. This is, you—maybe you’re wise. But, do you know you? 
The, in one of the events it was in Hindi—and I was saying, “So, what does a hungry person need?” Food, right? Right? Right? Wrong! Absolutely 100% wrong. One million percent wrong, quadri, quadri, quadri-zillion percent wrong.
A hungry person needs to eat the food. Right? Right? Right? [Audience: “Yes.”] If you were hungry, and as soon as you walked into the halwai shop your hunger disappears? So if you think…? See, this is the…. And you know why you think that way? Because this is what you have heard. And this is what you repeat.
“Like food to the hungry.” You’ve heard this. And so you go, “Yes, that’s what you need.” And one—I used to do the same thing. See, I’m, I’m not here trying, “I’m more holier than you,” or this or that. I used to do the same thing. And one day I was thinking this: “How can that be? How can that be?”
I was flying. I felt hungry. The food—I was, I was in the airplane, and the food was right there, behind me. But I was still hungry. So, I am bhookha; I am hungry. And the only thing that the bhookha needs, the hungry needs is the bhojanBhojan is right there. 
But unless I get to eat it… I don’t eat it, my hunger will stay intact. The same thing. Just because, just because you have the mirror, if you don’t look in it, what good is it to get the mirror? 
When you go to your work, don’t think about your family. Think about your work. Get it done! When you come home, don’t think about your work! Think about your family. Focus. That’s what “focus” means. Focus.
I told that person who asked me that question in Taiwan. I said, “You know, you want to go party. You’re young, you go party, you party. When you’re partying, you’re thinking about your work. And then, when you’re doing your work, studying, you’re thinking about partying.”I said, “Cut the connection. When you’re partying, don’t think about studying. And when you are studying, don’t think about partying. Focus! Focus, focus. It makes life easy.”
“Oh, I forgot this … and I forgot this. And I forgot this. And oh, I have to do this. And I have to do that … and I have to…” No. Focus. Focus in your life.
That’s how you need to live. That’s how you need to be.

sábado, 30 de septiembre de 2017

Prem Rawat

There are many, many, many interpretations of this story, or many ways this story has been put—but there is a new one. And a man came…and he came to the Master. The Master had a very beautiful palace that he lived in, a beautiful city that he lived in. 
So the Master told the guy, he says, “Oh, you have come?” And he goes, “Yeah, I’ve come to you; I want to talk to you; I want to learn from you; I want to be enlightened by you.” The Master said, “No problem. But first, go enjoy—enjoy my gardens; enjoy my palace; enjoy the city—it’s really beautiful, really, really beautiful.” And the man said, “Okay, I will.”
He said, “Before you go, take this lamp with you.” And he filled the lamp completely full of oil, right to the top, right to the brim—and he said, “Here, take this with you when you go seeing everything, and make sure you don’t spill a drop. Don’t spill a drop.” 
The man went seeing, appreciating the palace, appreciating the gardens, appreciating the city. And when the man came back, the Master asked, “How was it?” And he goes, “Well, my whole attention was on not spilling a drop from this cup. I really walked around aimlessly. I didn’t really enjoy anything because my focus was here, instead of where it should have been.” 
The Master said, “Okay. Now, go again! Leave the…leave the lamp behind. Don’t worry about the lamp.” He came back: “How was it?” “Oh, oh, I enjoyed—oh, and the statues were beautiful. Oh, that was…it was just marvelous; the garden was incredible; the flowers were incredible; the statues were incredible; the paintings were incredible; the marble was….”
The Master said, “Look, all that existed then too, but you were not focusing on that. Your focus was somewhere else.”
Where is your focus? In your life, where is your focus? You should be enjoying being alive. Do you enjoy, just enjoy being alive? Just being alive? Do you enjoy being alive? 
I know, I know, I know you enjoy parties; I know you enjoy going to your friend’s house; I know you enjoy your songs; you enjoy your movies; you enjoy this; you enjoy that. I know you enjoy all of that. But do you enjoy being alive? Just being alive?! 
Because if you don’t, you’re focusing on the wrong thing. Because this is the garden; life itself is the garden of the Divine. Its beauty is unparalleled. It is full of the reflection from the Divine. It is fine; it is beautiful; it has colors….
That’s where truth resides—a truth that is non-confrontational, a truth which is simple, a truth that’s embracing, a truth which is real, a truth that brings peace. That’s where this heart wants to dance.

martes, 19 de septiembre de 2017

Prem Rawat

Who are we? Maybe I should talk about that. So don’t think this is un-significant. We’re dirt. Why do you laugh? Because you don’t understand the value of dirt. Dirt is the most significant thing there is. Do you know? You know why?! Because the entire universe is made out of it. 
We all are considered patriots if we sing praises of our countries. “Know the anthem.” I mean in India they’re going through it; it’s like you know “You have to be able to say this; yes, you have to say this; you have to be patriotic! You have to…”
Courtesy of? All these countries, courtesy of? Dirt. You can’t have a country in floating ocean! All courtesy of dirt! So dirt is very significant! People have died protecting dirt! People have become heroes protecting dirt.
Civilizations were raised and razed (that’s a good one, huh?) raised and razed because of dirt! 
And when the sun is finished glowing, what does it become? Dirt! What is gold? Compressed dirt. (See, you’re catching on, how important dirt is!) And guess what moi is made out of. Dirt!
And then, the most incredible pillar of this temple when it falls apart, what will all this become?—it’ll, will become dirt.
So don’t laugh the next time you hear the word “dirt”—smile. Smile, because there’s nothing funny about it, but now you know now you know how important this dirt is. And so, you are made out of the same stuff as the universe! “Wow! That’s impressive. I mean…!”
Next time, “What is your lineage?” Same stuff the sun is made out of, same stuff the moon is made out of, same stuff the galaxies are made out of, same stuff the universe is made of—that’s my lineage. That is your lineage.
So now that we’ve put that aside, who you are; pretty impressive stuff. Nothing trivial, incredible, incredible… to get the dirt to talk, to walk, to smile, to think, to see… to have the nuances of expression on the face from slightly upset to slightly more upset.
Then, made out of that, and then to have this incredible thing called life! (H’aaah,) life! You can love; you can hate, you can have fear; you can have joy. This—and just machine puts it all out! I mean, it puts it all out. If it’s feeling good, it’s like, “Good … yes”.

martes, 12 de septiembre de 2017

Against Impossible Odds

There is this saying, “What can little old me do? Nothing.” Right, “What can I do?” You know, don’t look at it as what you can “do.” Just be in peace. Would you consider that as one of the most powerful things that you can do? If we could just make that the fashion, it wouldn’t take so long. It wouldn’t take so long.
You know, it’s like, there are predators in this world, right? Lions and cheetahs and all of those. And then, there are the ones that are at the bottom of the food chain, sort of to say—the poor zebras and all this stuff. But do you know one thing? There are a lot less predators in this world. 
It’s not that—they are, they’re there, and they’re powerful—but they are a lot, lot less than the prey. I mean, you look at some of those documentaries sometimes—it’s just thousands and thousands and thousands of zebras. And even if there are just like, fifty lions, there is a natural proportion to it.
Okay, so there are, you know, a hundred thousand fish, and one shark. There’s a proportion to it. And it’s the same way. There is a lot, lot, lot that is good. Yes, there is bad. But this is why I am hopeful that it wouldn’t take much to turn it. 
But all I see is disbelief. “No, it cannot…. Peace? Never!” Okay, so if you’re that intelli-gent, why don’t you figure out a way how to make it work rather than just make this incredibly dumb observation, “It cannot work”? 
You know, what do you expect a pilot sitting in the cockpit to be doing?—telling you “We’re all going to die”? Or, “We’re working on it”? And what would you honestly like them to be doing? Just singing in the cockpit, “We’re all going to die, we’re all going….”—or…or actually be like, trying to, you know, read some checklists and figure something out to make this thing fly.
That’s what it takes sometimes—and it happened. I was watching a documentary where they were flying along, and one of the engines threw its propeller, and it lodged into the fuselage and almost severed all the flight controls. And whatever was left was jammed between the prop and the floor, and so they could hardly make this airplane turn. They could use a little bit of differential thrust, but then the plane started going down, and it was like….
And this one guy, one copilot, was just sitting there and he just, “Arrrrgh!”—and muscle it, and muscle it, muscle it, muscle it. And, after like, forty-five minutes of muscling, he managed to take his cable and rub enough of a groove that he could actually have a little bit of control.
And I mean, this crew did an incredible job. They brought that airplane and put it on the ground in one piece. Why? Because they weren’t singing, “We’re all gonna die; we’re all gonna die; we’re all gonna die.” And that plane was full of passengers. 
But they were…they actually were trying and trying, and it was against impossible odds. And it was the same thing that happened to a 380. That was not in the book. The engine tore and took, you know, a part of the wing with it. And, you know, it’s just like, it was not in the book. 
And when the engine, all the controls to it—which were electronic—severed, the engine wanted to be in full power, and it was in full power mode. But they kept their heads; brought it down; put that airplane on the ground; got it stopped.
And I have to say, the kindness and the intelligence of the captain was unbelievable. He knew that that engine—after they landed and they got the plane down—was still running full tilt. And he knew that, because of the wing which was ruptured, all the fuel was all over the place. 
He says, “You know what? I’m not going to deploy the slides, and have my passengers wade through fuel. I’m going to wait till they bring the staircase.” And he sat there. He said, “We’re fine; we’re alive; everything is good. I’m not going to further make the passengers uncomfortable.”
They brought the trucks; they brought the ladders; everybody deplaned right into the bus. And I was like, this is cool! Not only has he just saved them from a catastrophe, he continues to think of their comfort.
So, this is what you need to adopt as an attitude—you need to adopt. Not sit there and go, “Yeah, it’s impossible. And it’s impossible.” And if you’ve got enough intelligence to figure out that it’s impossible, I’m sure you have enough intelligence to figure out how it is possible. 
And maybe it will be nothing more than to be in peace with yourself. A lit lamp can do what an unlit lamp cannot do. A lit lamp can light other lamps. Light up!
– Prem Rawat

domingo, 13 de agosto de 2017

Prem Rawat

One day you start off on this cruise, and whilst you’re on this incredible cruise, the boat sinks—pooh!—explodes. You find yourself on the beach of an island. You wake up; you look around, and basically you’re intact—a little bruised, but intact. And there is this island—beautiful beach, lush green trees.
You look around, explore—and there’s fruit; there’s fresh water; there’s a nice cave. And it’s like, “Okay! I am okay; I’ll survive here. I’ve got water; I’ve got food; I’ve got a cave, and I’m relatively safe here…” And it’s not a big island—small island, so, you know, you do your survey rather quickly and it’s okay—for the short term, it’s okay.
So, you drink some water, and take a bath, and get cleaned up, and, you know, find some nice fruit and….. And you know, it’s okay. Now, days go by—and the fourth, and the fifth, and the sixth day. As you’re exploring, you come across this part of this island and it’s nothing but gold. And how deep the cave goes, nobody knows, but it’s just gold. Then you find there’s another part, and it’s just rubies, diamonds, emeralds.
What are you going to do? The problem is you can’t spend it on anything. You can’t buy anything with it; you’re stranded on this island. And there are no shops. There are no banks—and you have all the gold and more than you could ever imagine, and all the diamonds and emeralds and rubies and sapphires and everything—but there you are. 
And, up to this point, you really were hoping to get rescued. You see the problem? You see the problem!? If you get rescued, you might lose all that! So now you have it….
Do you light the fire and let everybody see that you’re on this island: “Come and get me”? Because it’s not a big island, and if somebody discovers all that, you’re not going to end up with it. So now, what do you do? What do you do? 
You can say, “Well, I could hide it.” But it’s out in the open! Everybody can see! It wouldn’t take long. And those people coming there would come in droves and take it all away! And you could say, “Well, I claim this bit in the name of myself.” But they won’t respect that. What do you do?
But do you realize this is the same quandary you are in on this earth, in your big city? All that wealth that you have garnered and gathered, you don’t get to take it with you. You can’t take it off the island called “earth.” (This one isn’t surrounded by ocean; it’s surrounded by space.) But you don’t get to take it. So now what do you do? What do you do? 
All our life long, we’re enamored by our dreams. All our life long we’re enamored by what people have told us. But we are never enamored by the call of our heart, which says, “Be fulfilled. Experience peace. Experience joy. Experience that feeling that is within you.” 
Not in your head; in you—that is always there, in good times and in bad! It is always there, regardless of your circumstances. 
Experience what it is to be alive! Because that’s your reality. That’s what makes you, you. This is who you are; this thing called “life” glues it all together. And as soon as that is gone, everything falls apart, and nothing is any more.


“The biggest mountain you will ever climb is the mountain of understanding. Once you have climbed that mountain, you would have truly conquered something because you would understand...your self.”

I would like to congratulate you for reading this. I know you could be reading anything. But you are interested in peace; you are interested in finding fulfillment in your life. And that, to me, deserves the sincerest congratulations because you are looking for the highest achievement that a human being can attain...to be human.
We have the possibility to be free, to feel peace, to achieve what it is to truly be human. So the question is, what ropes hold us back from achieving that peace when peace is inside of every one of us?
We can communicate with people around the world instantly. In just an instant you’re connected with the other side of the world. But all of this technology has not brought us any closer to peace with ourselves.
To attain peace you don’t have to do anything. Everything you want, you have to do something for it. And for peace you have to do nothing because peace is already inside of you. Peace is in the core of your being, in your heart.
The heart is the place where courage resides— the courage to go forward and fulfill who you really are. The heart is the place where your truest wisdom resides. The heart is the place where you will find the quest, the thirst to be fulfilled. All that is good in you as a human being is in your heart.
Do you feel the simplicity that the heart offers you? Human wisdom should be about simplicity: If you are thirsty, drink water. If you’re tired, rest. If you’re confused, seek clarity. If you’re in sadness, seek joy. This is human wisdom. When you feel empty, find your fulfillment because that’s in you, too.
If you have any question about the beauty and power of this universe—the earth spinning around and you on it with a heart that wants to be fulfilled—then watch the sunset at night or watch the sunrise in the morning.

It doesn’t need any glorification. This
story of the human being doesn’t need any glorification either; it simply needs to be told. It is a story about the ropes that we are quite capable of breaking—but we have given up because once we couldn’t and so we think we still can’t. I say: Don’t give up. Don’t give up in this life. There’s no reason to.

There is an adventure every day, and it is the adventure of understanding. Not climbing mountains. The biggest mountain you will ever climb is the mountain of understanding. Once you have climbed that mountain, you would have truly conquered something because you would understand...your self.
Do you want to be free? Before you set off on a journey to be free, understand what’s holding you back. Why are you not free?
All these ideas you have about things, about everything, are not yours; they were put into your head a long time ago. And like a good little girl, like a good little boy, you said, “Thank you.”

Look in the mirror—open your eyes, and I guarantee you a miracle. Because what you see looking at that mirror is a miracle. The dirt that can see, that can smile, that can admire, that can actually say, “That’s me!” That’s you. This existence is you.
Knowing yourself is the human attribute that truly makes you who you are. Focus. Realize your strength; realize you don’t have to be tied by the rope. You can easily break it and be free. Free!
Be content; be fulfilled. Be in peace. It is possible. Find contentment within yourself. Enjoy every day. That’s the possibility. That’s what peace is about. What I’m talking about is a very distinct feeling, a feeling of being fulfilled. A feeling of being free.
“Be content; be fulfilled. Be in peace. It is possible.”
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viernes, 11 de agosto de 2017

Celebrating 50 years


A lifetime dedicated to sharing a universal message all around the world
For five decades, Prem Rawat has been bringing a message of peace to humanity, one heart at a time. Born in India to a renowned speaker on the topics of inner peace and fulfillment, he himself began speaking about peace at the tender age of four.
From correction facilities to presidential palaces, his timeless message, “peace is possible” is warmly embraced in every sphere of our global population.
We salute Prem Rawat’s remarkable achievement, and look forward to celebrating with you your 60th birthday in Amaroo.
The WOPG Team
Celebrando 50 años
Una vida dedicada a compartir un mensaje universal alrededor del mundo
Prem Rawat ha llevado un mensaje de paz a la humanidad, a cada corazón individual, durante cinco décadas. Nacido en la India, hijo de un reconocido orador de temas de paz interior y plenitud, él mismo comenzó a referirse a la paz a la temprana edad de cuatro años.
Desde instituciones correccionales hasta palacios presidenciales, su mensaje de todos los tiempos: “la paz es posible”, ha sido abrazado calurosamente en todos los ámbitos de la población mundial.
Elogiamos sus extraordinarios logros y deseamos celebrar su 60º cumpleaños con él en Amaroo.
El Equipo de WOPG
Célébrons les 50 ans
Une vie dédiée au partage d’un message universel dans le monde entier
Depuis cinq décennies Prem Rawat apporte un message de paix à l’humanité, un cœur à la fois. Né en Inde, il est le fils d’un conférencier renommé dont les thèmes étaient la paix intérieure et la plénitude. Il a lui-même commencé à parler de la paix dès l’âge de quatre ans.
Des établissements pénitentiaires aux palais présidentiels, son message intemporel, « la paix est possible », est chaleureusement accueilli dans toutes les catégories de la population mondiale.
Avec vous, nous sommes impatients de rendre hommage à l’accomplissement remarquable de Prem Rawat e
votre 60e anniversaire dans Amaroo.
L’équipe WOPG
Festeggiare 50 anni
Una vita dedicata a diffondere in tutto il mondo un messaggio universale
Da cinque decenni Prem Rawat porta all’umanità un messaggio di pace, un cuore alla volta. Nato in India da un rinomato oratore sull’argomento della pace interiore e dell’appagamento, anche lui inizia a parlare di pace alla tenera età di quattro anni.
Dagli istituti di pena ai palazzi presidenziali, il suo messaggio senza tempo, “la pace è possibile”, è abbracciato calorosamente in ogni ambiente.
Rallegrandoci per le notevoli conquiste di Prem Rawat, non vediamo l’ora di festeggiare con te il tuo 60 ° compleanno in Amaroo.
Il team WOPG

jueves, 27 de julio de 2017

Peace On Earth Film Festival Q & A

Peace On Earth Film Festival Q & A from Studio View Productions on Vimeo.

Prem Rawat

There is something in you that wants to be generous. See, it’s not only that you have generosity in you, but there is something in you that wants to be generous. Not only that you have love in you, but there is something in you that wants to love—and something that wants to be loved. But this is buried under garbage.
In life, as you grow older, you always have to keep focus and perspective on what is important. This garbage that we accumulate in our lives, what does it do? The biggest harm it does is it frustrates us. And when a human being starts to feel the frustration inside of them, they can no longer see straight; they can no longer prioritize; they can no longer understand; they can no longer see beyond the realm of their problems.
And that’s why problems become the biggest thing. And the things that are important will get buried in garbage. You’ve got to keep your house clean—every day if you can—every day; every hour if you can. But if you can’t, at least, every two days—and that’s to sit down; be with yourself!
And say, “Okay, what is important to me?” Not to the world. Not the world’s expectations of me, but, “What is important to me? I want to feel good; I want to be in peace—and I want to help the ones I love, that I want to be there for them.” Once you have this? This is your “house cleaned.” You know where everything is—and do it! Because you can!
And that’s the simplest wisdom, you know, simplest wisdom—and you have that in you. Of course you have that in you. You always have that in you—you have the ability to vacuum-clean up, and make your life shine! And that’s what you should do!
Not be victimized by all the garbage that everybody keeps—because once the room, once the house looks like garbage, people are going to dump more garbage in it! That’s what’s going to happen! And then everybody will come, “Oh, we know a place to dump the garbage….” And that’s what happens.
Clean, clean, clean. That’s called “conscious, being conscious, being aware.” Being aware.

sábado, 22 de julio de 2017

Prem Rawat

We live in this world. Technology has changed; so many things have changed. But we are still human beings. We are still human beings. And the issue here is, “What is a human being?”
Human beings have forgotten who they are! And not only have they forgotten who they are, but what are their true needs! What is it? You have to understand the difference between need and want. Need is something without which you cannot exist. That’s your need. You need air; you need warmth; you need food; you need water. 
The first thing: I am a human being—the first thing. That’s the first thing I was when I was born. And when I take my last breath that’s what I’m going to be, a human being. 
And in between, I can think of all the things—who I am, what I am, what I would like to be. I can have all the titles; I can have all the things. But, I didn’t have them when I was born, and they’re not going to help me when I die. I cannot say, “Oh, but I am so-and-so. You can’t just come into my house and take me.” No, no!
And I will give them all the value; I will give them all the importance, as the world gives importance to all that we do—but we do not give importance to what we truly understand.
And for us on the face of this earth, the challenge is to get in touch with what we fundamentally are. Not of who we want to be. Because this is what we have gotten lost in. We are lost in this fake world that we have created for ourselves, and in that fake world we are super-beings!
We’re not. We are human beings. And we are not all about money, but we are about kindness; we are about generosity; we are about love; we are about feeling; we are about understanding. And these are the gifts that you can give, not only to yourself, not only to your fellow human beings, but to your family, and to anyone you want.
And the beautiful thing about the gift of generosity, the gift of love, the gift of kindness, the gift of understanding is, the more you give, the more you can give, because it’ll only increase, not decrease. The gift of understanding, the gift of love, the more you share, the more you will have.
Peace begins with you. Simple as that: peace begins with you—you understanding who you are. It is no mistake what Socrates said, “Know thyself.” To know who you are.