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News - Event in Jaipur, India

Words of Peace Global
It’s unbelievable to think that over fourteen thousand people could turn up on a day’s notice to listen to Maharaji, but yes, it happened. Through word of mouth as well as satellite announcement, news of the impending event in Jaipur quickly spread throughout India. Soon people were heading there in droves, traveling by whatever transport they could find: trucks and buses brimming with passengers, tractors pulling carts full of villagers, families squashed into motorized rickshaws, scooters carrying 4 to 5 at a time, not to mention hired cars and numerous bicycles. Some traveled by foot, while others braved a day’s journey. Two young women, Ritika and Geeta, had started their trip nearly as soon as they heard, taking a train over 700 km from faraway Kanpur.
It was one of the hottest days yet in Jaipur, with the mercury just touching 43 ºC (109.4 ºF). Despite the pressing midday heat and a later starting time of 5:00 pm, people began arriving as soon as 1:00, if not earlier. Enthusiasm was contagious as the gathering crowd began to move across the parched Rajasthan soil toward the awaiting field, avoiding the thick, harsh thistles that jutted from the arid ground. While many came donned in fluorescent reds, yellows, and greens, the poorer in the crowd arrived in plainer clothes, wearing smiles as bright as any garland. Many in the  audience huddled close to the ground as others stood in watchful anticipation, the field filling to near capacity. Now all they had to do was wait.
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Hola a todos soy victor

, de la o.n.g. voluntarios por una cultura de paz, ( nuestra base esta en el espinar segovia  ) somos  un equipo llamado itinerante que esta haciendo eventos de difusion por todo el pais , ponferrada , toledo, cuenca, segovia, leon , y pueblos muy pequeños  y estamos viendo  nuevos tipos de eventos de difusion , con musica , teatro etc y necesitamos musicos para tocar  por todo el pais , ( tambien  si quereis tocar en vuestra zona  ) de hecho ya hemos hecho mas 10 eventos y hay dos eventos con musica uno el 15 de mayo en sepulveda ( segovia  ) y proximamente hay mas preparados, y mas de 20 por confirmar fechas, en salas grandes , pequeñas, de todo tipo, tambien si quereis apuntaros al equipo sereis muy bien venidos  , enfin si alguien esta interesado por favor llamarme, o mandarme un e mail.muchas gracias un abrazo victor.
mis telefonos son   921188139     606860396

Subject: The best Gift for mother's There's no better Mother's Day

Marieemma Tarnawieki;

Your support for TPRF's Food for People program makes a difference:

- Provides nutritious meals, prepared from traditional local recipes

- Provides safe, clean water

- Involves the village elders in designing the program

- Improves the health of children and adults

- Enables more children to attend school

- Educates the community on hygiene and prevention of disease

- Fosters social skills children need for their future

- Offers children a structure that encourages school attendance

- Gives children a worldview to see and function beyond their village

- Helps break the cycle of poverty

- Respects the dignity of its recipients

- Improves the local economy

- Provides a center for community needs

For more information, please visit:;

Watch the beautiful video "Spark of Hope" about Food for People:;


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Con gran entusiasmo por parte del público me sentí acogida cuando comencé mi ponencia.
Se trataba de algo muy íntimo y personal, ya que conté mi vida con toda clase de detalles y mi encuentro con Prem Rawat, que me sacó de un agujero muy oscuro en el que a la sazón me encontraba.
No hubo necesidad de filmar mi discurso porque ya lo había hecho yo en mi propio estudio:

María Seco, que ofició de M.C. despidió la jornada:

miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

Acto de la Fundación La Paz es Posible en un Centro para Sordos de Barcelona

prem Rawat, Maharaji, paz, felicidad

El Centro Recreativo Cultural de Sordos del barrio de Gracia agradece a la Fundación La Paz es Posible por su exitosa actividad del 8 de abril

"El jueves 8 de abril tuvo lugar una presentación sobre la propuesta de paz personal de Prem Rawat en el Centro Recreativo Cultural de Sordos del popular barrio de Gracia en Barcelona. El resultado, en palabras de Juan Mendoza, promotor de la iniciativa, fue de lo más positivo. La traductora por signos estaba encantada, al igual que los 25 asistentes y los cuatro voluntarios que ayudaron. La delegada del departamento de cultura de esta asociación quiso plasmarlo en un certificado de agradecimiento a la Fundación" nos lo envía C. Valcorba.

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personal report of Dehli event

...forwarding a personal account by someone who attended a recent event with Maharaji in India, New Dehli. 
By Jane Fleming April 11th 2010.
I have stayedat Raj Vidya Kendra (RVK) in  India  a few times before but never has there been such an incredible hush. 
A peaceful silence fills the atmosphere everywhere within the grounds of this extraordinarily beautiful place.
The abundance of chorusing birds can be heard above all else, peacocks roam from rooftops to gardens,
flowers of every colour and description are fully in bloom and the most exquisite butterflies gleefully glide and flutter in the heat of the day.
Whenever I have visited RVK in the past, an event with Prem Rawat had been announced.
The ashram then was filled with vibrant throngs of people, each with their own heart brimming with joy and longing to hear what Maharaji had to say.
Hundreds of thousands had been gathered here before, from all over  India , from all over the globe, 
tent cities had been in abundance to offer accommodation and the immense kitchens would be bursting to capacity, preparing delicious food for the guests.
Now though only a handful of people gather throughout the day.
Some are the families who live here, tending the land, repairing buildings, harvesting the crops, always preparing for the next possibility of an event with Maharaji,
and then there are a few who have come, travelling from different parts of the world, in hope that this will happen. 
In the cool of the late afternoon, just before the sun goes down hopeful men, women and children sit alongside the quite and still road that leads to the gate behind where Maharaji is staying.
Some tell me that he has taken a walk this time of evening, now they wait patiently, their hearts longing for another glimpse, 
another moment of time with this amazing man they all love and respect.
Then today, without any announcement, something truly wonderful took place. 
Those of us fortunate enough to be here found ourselves in the right place at the right time.
A car pulled slowly out from behind those intensely watched gates; 
Prem Rawat was driving. Slowly, very slowly, he drove, careful of all those who, on seeing him, 
felt magnetised towards the sheer presence of this majestic speaker.
The car turned into a side road, pulled up outside a redbrick building and stopping, Maharaji stepped out and entered.
People flocked to the entrances of the building, hope was there for all to see, hope of an event with Maharaji felt imminent and no,
we were not disappointed! 
The doors to the building opened. 
The eager, thirsty hearts now filled with tremendous excitement, immense joy shining from their faces, were rapidly filling chairs. 
Suddenly the room inside was alive with anticipation, waiting and watching the stage for the arrival of the one person all of us wanted to hear speak,
Prem Rawat.
Maharaji looked radiant, he spoke in Hindi, translation being available for the handful of westerners who sat side by side with  the local Indian people. 
He talked of surprises. 
He said that he had heard talk of this event being a surprise, but he said why should this wonderful occasion be a surprise? He was here, we were here and the hall was here! 
The event shouldn't be a surprise; it wars that ought to be the surprise.
Maharaji once again brought us back to the sweet reality of what is and should be important in our lives, the experience that is within inside each person,
the joy that we can feel, the peace and the love that is real for every person whilst they are alive. He mentioned visiting  Argentina  where they cannot get enough of listening to his message of peace on Words of Peace Global,
and how he kept telling them that there was more to his message! He also joked about what we ask for in this life and he said that if we want to ask God for anything, don't ask to be like a film star, ask for love!
For over an hour Prem Rawat message captivated his audience.
Children sat quietly, the old, the young, each mesmerised by this articulate, kind, humorous, yet very poignant speaker. His inspiration and perspective on this life, of being alive never ceases to amaze me. 
As swiftly as we all came together for this wonderful occurrence the gathering drifted quietly off into the evening air. Looking at =20=the people as they went to their homes, their dwellings, back to wherever they had come from,
you cannot help but notice how more radiant their faces glow.
Then I felt my own smile, the shinning  feeling emanating from my own heart. 
Yes, Prem Rawat message is real.

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2 de Mayo: Día de la Madre


 Reenviar   Hazte socio   Tienda 
Amnistía Internacional - Logo  


izq Envía un mensaje de esperanza der

  Foto noticia  

Escucha aquí el testimonio de las madres de Soacha.   más info

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Subject: Anything you want is possible. You are alive !!!

Marieemma Tarnawieki;

Anything you want is possible. You are alive.

There is a joy inside of you that is true.
There is a feeling inside of you that is true.
There is a wisdom inside of you that is true.
Learn to be true to that.

Every single day.

"In your world, there needs to be peace.
It starts within you."

From your true self,
When you have accepted what you have been given,
You can understand.

From your heart.

Even if it is for one second,
It is so beautiful,
It is so incredible,
It is so precious,

That it is indeed enough.

What is it every human being can do? To fulfill your life, to experience truth, to be conscious. To feel joy. Each human being can do this. Not anything else.;

Prem Rawat,Maharaji

DENTRO DE TI.-introductorio-MAHARAJI

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Subject: Videos & Quote

Harold Kelsch
Harold KelschApril 23, 2010 at 4:20pm


Waiting – just think of all the things people are waiting for. You don’t have to wait anymore. You don’t have to change all those things around you. You can’t anyway, because when you do try to change them, they’ll try to change you. And when they do, you won’t like it.

I realized I can’t change everything, but there’s one thing I can change. All I need to do is change my list of priorities. The change has to come from within. That’s why I’m saying it’s easy. You don’t have to throw anything out, just rearrange. Of all those things that have taken priority, put the priority to be content at the very top. That’s all.

Yes, you can be fulfilled. That’s what’s important. The greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of joy, the gift of peace. That is tops. And every step counts toward knowing the one thing you thirst for – that your life be fulfilled.

— Maharaji, Prem Rawat;

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Pearl Of The Day



Dirige: Blanca Oraa Moyua

Ponente: Blanca Oraa Moyua

Proyección extracto de conferencias de PREM RAWAT, mensajero de la paz.

Martes 27 de marzo de 8 a 9 p.m.
Sala de Juntas de la Diputación de Vizcaya
Hurtado de Amézaga 6 (metro Abando)

Mas información:

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~ WOPG presents ~ Prem Rawat in Delhi, India

Words of Peace Global

~ WOPG presents ~
Prem Rawat in Delhi, India

Duration: 52 minutes

"This is not a subject of the intellect. It's a subject of the heart. And the heart will only be satisfied when it finds the real thing."
Dear Blanca,
With thousands of people all over India anticipating upcoming events, Prem Rawat has started his travels to smaller towns and villages to share his Message of Peace. On April 11, with very little notice, he arrived in Raj Vidya Kender, Delhi, India in order to address a surprised — and delighted — audience.  You, too, can catch this impromptu event by reserving your virtual seat.  As this event was addressed to an audience of people who have received the gift of Knowledge, Smart Card access will be required for viewing this LiveStream event.  Please have your Smart Card ready when reserving your seat.

WOPG thanks our sponsors for making these events possible and our volunteers for continuing to get involved.

Stay tuned for upcoming LiveStreams, and enjoy!

The Livestream is available for 5 days and can be watched
at any time during that period starting on:
GMT/UTC Saturday, April 24, 2010 at 01:00 hrs
United States  
Los Angeles Friday, April 23, 2010 at 6:00 pm
New York Friday, April 23, 2010 at 9:00 pm
South America  
Bogota Friday, April 23, 2010 at 20:00 hrs
Buenos Aires Friday, April 23, 2010 at 22:00 hrs
London Saturday, April 24, 2010 at 02:00 hrs
Madrid Saturday, April 24, 2010 at 03:00 hrs
Kolkata Saturday, April 24, 2010 at 06:30 hrs
Tokyo Saturday, April 24, 2010 at 10:00 hrs
Sydney Saturday, April 24, 2010 at 11:00 hrs
Copyright © Words of Peace Global

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Code d'incrustation

Code d'incrustation

Heart or the mind?

"Which is the part that makes the decisions for you? It´s a very simple question, but it has incredibly profound consequences. I´m not talking about decisions of what you eat, what movie to see, what clothes to buy, or even who to marry. I´m talking about the decisions that really matter to you. The heart is incapable of making decisions in an illusive world. It does not understand it.

The mind is quite capable of making decisions in this world. It does understand it, because it created it, – We need this, we need this, we need this.... The mind has made the world situation confusing. But in the realm of the heart, there is no confusion.

There never was and never will be. In the realm of the heart, there is only one thing: To be fulfilled. To find that joy, to find that feeling – not a description of the feeling."

viernes, 16 de abril de 2010


La revista Espacio Humano de Madrid publica parte de la entrevista de Mazzara.

Aviso Urgente:

El evento previsto en dos sesiones para este domingo en el nuevo local en la calle Pechuán, 12
ha sido CANCELADO por razones ineludibles.
Por favor, avisa a todas aquellas personas que tuvieran pensado asistir a él.
Os mantendremos informados de las posibles novedades y futuras convocatorias.
Gracias por vuestra atención

Mas tiempo para ver a Prem Rawat por Livestream

ABRIL 2010

“No es imposible ser feliz en esta vida. No aceptes un ‘no’ por respuesta.
Para esa paz, para esa alegría, para esa plenitud…
 la respuesta es siempre ¡sí!”
Más tiempo para ver las emisiones de eventos por Livestream
No te pierdas los programas "casi en directo" que emite Palabras de Paz a través del sistema Livestream.  Se ha ampliado a 5 días, a cualquier hora, el periodo en el que puedes conectarte a cada programa.
Próximamente: El reciente evento de Miami vuelve a retransmitirse a partir de este viernes día 16.

Noticias en Contágiate del ambiente de los eventos viendo los reportajes:
Andrea Gomes no había oído hablar de Maharaji hasta unos pocos días antes del evento. Al pasar por una feria de libros, vio la portada del libro La Paz es Posible.
Hannah Schneider señaló: "Ahora que acabo de salir de la sala, me siento como si me hubieran quitado una tonelada de peso de encima". Leer más...
Última hora. Está anunciado un evento con Maharaji en Jaipur (India) para hoy jueves 15. Leer...

Emisiones Livestream
El espontáneo diálogo "A candid exchange" con universitarios y jóvenes profesionales (en la imagen) ha sido una de las emisiones más vistas.


Resultado de los grupos de trabajo
Los grupos de las 12 ciudades de la gira ¡Party...cipa! recogieron más de 200 sugerencias para mejorar el apoyo a la difusión. Mientras recopilamos el informe completo, como resultado preliminar hemos preparado un cuadro resumen que muestra la variedad de temas y cuáles son los que más importancia tienen para los colaboradores.
Ya se pueden grabar DVDs desde internet
Los últimos vídeos de WOPG.ORG incluyen la posibilidad de descargarlos en un archivo con resolución de 480, adecuado para grabar en un DVD.
Si entras en la sección Webcasts, verás el botón Descarga en los vídeos recientes de Asheville y Boulder. Como los programas duran 60 minutos de media, el tamaño de la descarga es de 800MB a 1GB.
descargar webcast
Pulsa en la imagen para probarlo tú mismo y, si tienes algún comentario, envíalo a través del servicio de ayuda o Helpdesk 
Enlaces útiles

Servicio de Información de la Fundación La Paz es Posible
Apartado Postal 2550 - 28080 Madrid – España
Tel.: 902.25.50.60 | Email:

Words of Peace Global

Words of Peace Global
Dear Blanca,

We are excited to announce that the key management positions for the Global Event Team have been filled. As the Global Event Team travels the world, local teams in each area will be instrumental in supporting the technical and logistical needs required to ensure the success of each event.  WOPG is now launching the search for talented volunteers who would like to be part of the technical support teams in their region. We are looking for those who have experience in the Sound, Lighting, Filming, and Stage departments, with more opportunities in other areas to come.

As part of the local team, you will play an integral role in the success  of the Global Event Team by providing local support for all technical aspects of the event, including cameras, lighting, PA systems and more!  This is an opportunity to gain experience and develop your skills with the guidance of our global team of experts.

If you have experience in any of these areas and would like to be part of one of the WOPG Local Event Teams, sign up here!

Please include a picture, CV, and a cover letter indicating your specific technical skills and experience.

If your past experience meets the needs of the role, you will be contacted in order to take the next steps in becoming part of the WOPG Local Team in your area.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting project, and we hope to see you at one of the upcoming events around the world.



Copyright © Words of Peace Global

Words of Peace Global | P.O. Box 2745, 1000 CS Amsterdam | The Netherlands


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Event in Jaipur, India

Words of Peace Global

On Thursday, April 15th, 2010, Maharaji will speak at an event in Jaipur, India.

People who have received the gift of Knowledge are warmly invited to attend. Kindly bring your Smart Card to allow for a smooth entry.

The event will begin at 5:45 PM. The site will be open from 4:30 PM.

The event will take place at:

Raj Vidya Kender
Pawalia More, Diggi Malpura Road
Sanganer, Jaipur - 303904

The event will be in Hindi with translation provided in English.
Copyright © Words of Peace Global

Words of Peace Global | P.O. Box 2745, 1000 CS Amsterdam | The Netherlands

Earth Song - Michael Jackson

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Words of Peace Global

Enjoy the first of two new Featured Webcasts in April, Prem Rawat in Asheville, North Carolina on September 23, 2009. It is available for viewing online as well as download, in both English and Spanish.
"Have you been thankful for this life? Have you been thankful for this breath, this understanding, this existence? Have you been thankful for today, and were you thankful for yesterday?"
Stay tuned each month for our featured videos, made available for viewing online at or downloadable for convenient viewing on your time. Join our monthly sponsors program to continue making these — and many more videos — available to audiences worldwide.

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[ PARTY...CIPA ] Madrid, domingo 11 de abril | Apoya la labor de Prem Rawat

Última reunión: Madrid, 11 de abril
En 11 ciudades de toda España se han celebrado con éxito las reuniones de apoyo a la difusión en el mes de marzo. 
La gira concluye en Madrid este fin de semana. ¿Te apuntas?
Domingo 11 de abril
De 17.30 a 20.30 h.
C/ López de Hoyos, 143
Metro: Alfonso XIII (L4)

* ¿Has leído la historia de reuniones anteriores que salió en el boletín En Contacto? Pulsa para ver el reportaje:

"Tu oportunidad para conocer de cerca lo que se cuece en el mundo de Maharaji"

Y también pulsa aquí para ver la carta de invitación

Servicio de Información de la Fundación La Paz es Posible
Apartado Postal 2550 - 28080 Madrid – España
Tel.: 902.25.50.60 | Email:

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An Ambassador of Peace - Prem Rawat Honored in Potenza, Italy

Words of Peace Global

~ WOPG presents ~
An Ambassador of Peace - Prem Rawat Honored in Potenza, Italy

Duration: 46 minutes

"Our differences of opinion should be our strength, not our weakness. We have to learn to come together, and that can only happen when we see the necessity."
Dear Blanca,
In the Basilicata region of Italy, President Emilio Colombo, President Vito de Filippo of Basilicata, and several other dignitaries declared Prem Rawat to be the region's Ambassador of Peace during a special event to promote peace, held on July 3, 2009. Greeting Prem Rawat to the stage, Governor de Filippo spoke of the need for political institutions to actively address the individuals' quest for peace. “It is known that treaties alone are insufficient in establishing lasting peace, and I believe deeply that embedded in our souls is the most solid foundation for bringing peace. Tonight an important seed will be planted that we will nurture and grow. For this is a land of peace,” he stated.
Enjoy this event – including Prem Rawat's impactful presentation – wherever you have Internet access and at your leisure. Now available for an extended period of time, WOPG LiveStream will broadcast for five days so that you can view these events at your convenience. Make sure to reserve your virtual seat, tell a friend, and tune in! 

If you enjoy these broadcasts, help make them possible by becoming one of WOPG's sponsors. We thank you for your generosity and hope you continue to enjoy these special LiveStreams.

Warm Regards,
Copyright © Words of Peace Global

Words of Peace Global | P.O. Box 2745, 1000 CS Amsterdam | The Netherlands

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Autobús de la Paz

El proyecto "Autobús de la Paz", organizado por un grupo de voluntarios, recorre Europa Oriental

voluntarios, Prem Rawat, Maharaji

Voluntarios de la ciudad de Ljubljana viajarán de pueblo en pueblo durante la primavera y el verano, a través de Eslovenia y países vecinos

El proyecto está en consonancia con la política del gobierno para promover un diálogo cultural y social entre los distintos países en esta región recientemente devastada por la guerra, y Sergej tiene esperanzas de una mayor colaboración de la Unión Europea para que apoye este esfuerzo maravilloso. "La visión de un autobús naranja de dos pisos está llamando la atención a lo largo de la campiña de Europa del Este. Por donde vamos, a menudo aparcando en los festivales a lo largo del camino, los extranjeros no dejan de sentirse intrigados por esta reliquia del Londres del 59 con las palabras "Autobús de la Paz" decorado en los costados con la "a" en la palabra Paz, la misma flor que representaba el "flower power", movimiento de hace unos 50 años y que originalmente fue el símbolo de la Campaña por el Desarme Nuclear. Es un mensaje nostálgico que dibuja sonrisas en los rostros de las personas...

Donde sea que vamos, los transeúntes son invitados a subir la escalera circular al nivel superior, donde puede pasar un tiempo viendo vídeos que hablan de la posibilidad de la paz dentro de cada individuo. Los videos incluyen presentaciones de Palabras de Paz, que trasmiten los discursos dados por Prem Rawat. A bordo se encuentra el hombre a quien se le ocurrió la idea y quien inició el proyecto, Sergej Vajgl, así como un equipo de voluntarios: Garik, Mitja, Lucka, Majda, Petra, Andrej, Stoyan, Vlasta, Mirza, Sana, BISKA, y Ales. El viejo y espacioso autobús tiene su propia "sala de proyección". Donde nos detenemos los voluntarios reparten materiales introductorios de Palabras de Paz Global, invitando a la gente a pasar y recibir información.
Cómo comenzó todo.
La iniciativa para iniciar el proyecto del "Autobús de Paz" surgió hace unos años, cuando Sergej Vajgl pensó en comprar un autobús antiguo, y compartir el proyecto de paz de Prem Rawat. Pronto encontró un clásico del 59 de estilo Inglés de dos pisos que, debido a sus años, necesitó reformarlo todo. Sergej y sus amigos se pusieron a trabajar, renovando el motor, pintando el exterior, y acomodando el piso de arriba para que pudiera ser utilizado como sala de proyección.
En octubre del año pasado, el "Autobús de la Paz" se convirtió en la estrella del Festival Arena Estudiantil de Liubliana, la capital de Eslovenia. El equipo acaba de empezar su gira 2010 y, alentado por las experiencias positivas del año pasado, proyectan extender aún más el itinerario de este viaje, en esta ocasión. Sus planes inmediatos incluyen cubrir los países vecinos como Croacia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia y Hungría, donde más de 500.000 personas vienen a visitar algunos festivales grandes. Una vez más se lanzan a la carretera para emprender la ruta, inspirados por este hermoso espíritu libre colectivo.
Aquellos que deseen contactar con el equipo pueden hacerlo enviando un correo electrónico a
By Jan Buchalter and Joel Metzger

sábado, 3 de abril de 2010


Lo que yo intento es lo mismo que hace el bibloburro, pero en vez de libros yo reparto videos de las conferencias de Prem Rawat para que su mensaje de paz llegue a todos los corazones que están escondidos en los más recóndito de los bosques de asfalto.

Y como los niños de Colombia, los que hacen el esfuerzo de escuchar las palabras de paz de Prem Rawat sonríen y se sienten felices.

Me siento muy identificada con esta labor, eso es lo que deseo hacer el resto de mi vida.

Si quieres saber quien es y lo que dice Prem Rawat, pincha aquí.

Gracias Cecilia por enviarme este regalo.

viernes, 2 de abril de 2010


No deambules en el desierto. Ven a casa, al oasis. Tu hogar siempre ha estado en tu interior. Confía en ti mismo, en que siempre tendrás la capacidad de experimentar una dicha sin igual. Sí, existe la tristeza. Pero tras la tristeza, permite que reaparezca la alegría. No dejes a tu corazón en un rincón, no lo abandones en cualquier lugar destartalado. El lugar al que pertenece es dentro de ti, bailando y brillando.
Vuelve a casa y regocíjate.

No hablo de vagar sin rumbo, sino de volver a casa. No de preguntas, sino de respuestas. El día en que esta vida es aceptada realmente, algo cambia: se convierte en tu hogar.
Acepta el regalo y conviértelo en tu hogar.
Versalles, 27 de mayo de 2001

jueves, 1 de abril de 2010


El lunes día 9 de noviembre tuvo lugar en la Sala de Juntas Generales de la Diputación de Bilbao el tercer taller intercultural por la paz.
3ª sesión- 9 de Noviembre de 19.30 a 20.45
Clementine Pouatou, Camerún, Socióloga
Profesora de instituto en Camerún y postgraduada en el Pais Vasco, fundadora de la Asociación Euskalmon, nos hablará de los puntos comunes como ciudadanos de este mundo
Ali Souradjou, Benin, Sociólogo
En estos momentos está preparando una tesis sobre Trabajo Decente.
Maria Seco, directora de los talleres Interculturales " Los Valores de la Paz"

Peace Bus

Words of Peace Global
The sight of an orange double-decker bus is drawing positive attention throughout the countryside of Eastern Europe. Wherever it goes, strangers can’t help being intrigued by this 1959 London relic with the words “Peace Bus” flanking its sides, the “a” in Peace the same flower that represented the “flower power” movement some 50 years ago, originally the symbol of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. It’s a nostalgic message that puts smiles on people’s faces.
The crew hails from the city of Ljubljana and, during the spring and summer, they travel from town to town throughout Slovenia and surrounding countries, often parking at festivals along the way. Wherever it goes, passersby are invited to climb the circular staircase to the upper level, where they can take time out to watch videos that talk about the possibility of peace within each individual.