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PEACE PARTNERS A ‘not for profit’ organization supporting the work of The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF)

Forging Ahead Gala Benefit Update


  'FORGING AHEAD' Gala Benefit
Please join us for an evening of great food, entertainment and unique music to raise funds in support of The Prem Rawat Foundation, in particular the Food For People Program. This event is hosted by Peace Partners.
Saturday, 3rd October 2015
Time: 5:15pm till 10:15pm
The Ballroom, Millennium Hotel, London Mayfair
44 Grosvenor Square, Mayfair
London, W1K 2HP
The registration cost is £75 per person, which includes the cost of reception, dinner and entertainment.
Even if you are unable to attend you can still help by being a sponsor of the event. You can find out more information about this and also the opportunity to make a one time donation here. (Go to ‘I cannot attend but would like to make a donation’ button.)

The Evening
During this special evening you will hear from informed and exceptional speakers on global youth projects and water and food sustainable solutions.
The evening will start with a welcome and reception drink and will include:
  • An update on new developments at the Food For People facilities by Daya Rawat, President of TPRF
  • Live music from various musicians
  • A number of amazing short videos 
  • The chance to make positive suggestions of how to move forward, based upon 3 questions, prepared by Ayrton Cable

This will be alongside wonderful food, good company and knowing that all of this will support the Food For People initiatives. These are improving the quality of life for 1000s of people in poverty stricken rural communities, taking them and their communities out of the downward cycle of poverty.
During the evening there will be exclusive footage from the interview‘Wise Advice for the Young Generation’ between Peace Ambassador, Prem Rawat and 11-year-old change maker, Ayrton Cable. This was filmed at the Water and Food Award Ceremony at Westminster Hall, London, in 2014.

You can see a short preview here:
Other ways you can help are by supplying items for the evening raffle. If you would like to donate to the raffle then send the details to the following email:
The Dinner
The dinner will include a choice of 3 menus, including a vegetarian option. 
For further information please email:

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peacedaytv on Broadcast Live Free


PeaceCast2015 is LIVE!

PeaceCast2015 is LIVE! is proud to join TPRF, one of its many partners, in celebrating peace on the International Day of Peace.Ready 4 Peace?Join the Peace Party! Watch PeaceCast2015 - it's Planetary!

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Socrates Is Alive and Well in Sicily


A few days ago I had the good fortune to be in Sicily, the beautiful island off southern Italy. Whenever I visit Italy I always enjoy La Dolce Vita, and on this visit "the good life" had a special meaning that brought me closer to the land, people and myself. I was attending the "Peace Celebration -- Segesta 2015," the opening event for a local cultural festival. The location was a 2,000-year-old Greek amphitheater, on a remote hillside with an amazing view down to the ocean.
Sicily has a special history, having been occupied by the Greeks, Normans and Arabs, as well as one other group that was like an unfriendly invader -- the mafia -- who for generations made parts of the island a war zone. This recent history made Segesta's event all the more heartfelt as they commemorated their signing the European Union supported Bruxelles Declaration, Pledge to Peace initiative, on "an occasion to celebrate the topic of the peace close to the ones who make them a reality every day in their own life, with concrete actions." Piero Scutari, president of "Associazione Percorsi," one of the sponsors, said, "We have to reflect peace every day."
A local TV personality, Massimo Minutella, was a humorous and energetic host, and he began the evening by introducing a classical harpist performing operatic music that captivated everyone with an authentic taste of Italy. She was followed by a couple of short videos that included excerpts from Inside Peace, an award-winning documentary about a project sponsored by The Prem Rawat Foundation to help prisoners around the world learn about the peaceful side of themselves, that was a recurring theme of the evening.
A local band called the Lab Orchestra livened up the event with a mix of jazz, pop and standards and the first song was James Taylor's "You've Got a Friend." The gorgeous singer later sang an old song by a famous Sicilian performer who dared to denounce the violence of the mafia, which had a heartfelt resonance in this land where people had dreamed of peace for many years.
Following the music, there was a speech by the keynote speaker, Prem Rawat, who has been speaking at many events worldwide as an Ambassador of Peace, promoting the Brussels initiative as part of a lifelong work he has been engaged in for close to fifty years. One of the event's sponsors was a charitable foundation he founded to help with water and food sustainability projects in Africa, India and Nepal.
Prem spoke about how peace will be the greatest achievement of mankind. Pointing to the moon that had risen over the back of the amphitheater, he said that long ago man had dreamed about going to the moon. But some said it wasn't possible while others said it was, and eventually it happened. If people believe it's possible to have peace in this world, it can be achieved. We are the only people for billions and billions of miles, so it is our duty to make it work here, no one else is going to help.
Using the example of the unique location, including a pillared temple on a neighboring hill, Prem talked about Socrates and other scholars from that time who enquired about important issues in places like these.
Socrates said, "Know thyself," and in that effort to understand who we are, one can discover a place inside that is common to all people and begin the process to care more about each other.
"We don't care because someone told us to. We tap into our own nature. And the caring comes from inside." We were all encouraged to join the Socrates Club, to begin an individual effort.
Following a musical interlude, including a song from the film "Life is Beautiful" (which Massimo was proud to point out was Italy's Oscar-winning film), there was a question and answer session. Salvo Ficcara, a famous Italian actor and comedian, was the host for the session that included questions from a Nepalese earthquake survivor, an inmate at a prison, and a gang member.
The prisoner asked: Is it possible to forgive those who have done violence to you? Prem's answer was we have both good and bad, anger and peace inside of us, in a 50-50 ratio but it is our choice which part we embrace. Don't let anger manage you -- you manage it. For example, if someone else takes a parking place you also had your eye on, can choose to get angry or simply smile and be gracious, saying "yours, good luck." Another question came from a student in Rome who asked if the expression: "Building peace by preparing for war" was a valid approach. Prem commented: Did this strategy work until now?
Salvo shared a very poignant story about a local priest who was seen by the mafia to be critical of their activities, so a contract was put out on him. One night as he was arriving at his home, a killer approached from behind. The priest knew he was a target and turned and gave the man a kind and compassionate smile. He started to enter his house and was shot. The killer, who was also responsible for other murders, surrendered himself to the police soon after. He said he could not live with the guilt of having killed such a peaceful man. The moderator said it was a gift from Sicily to Prem, to use the story in his speeches to show the power of peace.
The last speaker was the mayor of Segesta who gave an impassioned speech about the individual duty of people to look for peace and presented Prem with an honorary citizenship. The tone of the event was so uplifting that when the band came out and played Pharrell Williams "Happy," the whole theater was on their feet dancing along, waving phones with the screens lit up -- the ancient Greeks never had it this good!
As I walked back down the hill through the fragrant countryside, past the Greek temple, I reflected on the generous spirit of the local people in this small town. They had put on such a sweet event to affirm the importance of peace. It was done in their own simple, heartfelt way, with the special Italian style of passion, some typical chaos, a bit of art, and a lot of warmth. The event was very touching, making the invitation to join the Socrates Club to "know myself" an appropriate next step. I don't expect to find an ultimate answer anytime soon, but the journey is the destination, full of rewards along the way. Being in Sicily was certainly one of those, as I set off to meet some friends to enjoy the fine dining in the harbor below.

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Practicing Peace 30 second trailer

PREM RAWAT in Putrajaya

Prem Rawat will be speaking at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (Plenary Hall), Putrajaya, Malaysia on Sunday the 27th of September at 17:00 (5.00 p.m.) MYT.
All are welcome to attend the event.
Tickets can be purchased for 20 RM each from the online ticket agent Ticketcharge. Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable.
Please PRINT your ticket before arriving on the day of the event.
Please only purchase seats you know will be used.
If your plans change and you have spare ticket(s), please immediately contact Tickets will be re-allocated to other people who want to attend this event.
Please note - it is recommended that you do not make travel arrangements until you have successfully purchased your ticket(s).
Ticket sales will open on Thursday the 17th of September at 10:00 (10.00 a.m.) MYT.

The event will be held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (Plenary Hall), Dataran Gemilang, Presint 5, 62000 Putrajaya, Malaysia and will start at 17:00 (5.00 p.m.) MYT. Lobby doors will open at 14:30 (2.30 p.m.) MYT.
Datos de mapas ©2015 Google
The event will be in English. Translation will be provided in Mandarin, Hindi, and Tamil. Headsets will be available in the lobby.
Special Needs support will be provided locally. Please contact this address:
If you wish to bring children over 10 years of age, they are welcome if they have a genuine interest and can sit quietly for about an hour. Children under this age will not be admitted.
Need assistance? Call +60386892828.


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The Riddle of Here sous titres français

Education Peace Education Program Offerings 2013 – 2015

PEP Programs 2013 – 2015


Cape Province
TSiBA Education
Abomey-Calavi, Bénin
Etablissement Prive de Formation des Instituteurs ( EPFI)
Cote d’Ivoire, Abidjan
CPMI college (printing school)
Cotonou, Bénin
APRES (teacher retirement assn.)
Ghana, Agona Mensakrom
Magnificent Senior High School
Porto-Novo, Bénin
Bureau d’Union des Etudiants


India: Ahemdabad, Gujrat
Podar International School, Ahemdabad
India: Bangalore, Karnataka
1) BMW College of Arts, Science and Commerce
2) City College
3) CMR Institute of Technology
4) Gopalan College of Engineering and Management – Indo Asian Education Academy
5) SCMS-Jain University
6) Krapanidhi College of Pharmacy
7) New Horizon College
8) Picasso College of Animation
9) Sambharam Institute of Technology
10) S.E.A College of Nursing
11) Vydehi Institute of Nursing Science
India: Chennai,Tamilnadu
Lady Andal Venkatasubba Rao Mat School
India: Chhattisgarh, Raigarh
O.P. Jindal School
India: Delhi
1) Bharti College
2) Delhi Institute of Rural Development
3) Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science
4) P.G.D.A.V College, University of Delhi
5) Sisoft Technologies
India: Faridabad, Haryana
National Institute of Financial Management
India: Faridabad, Haryana
National Indian Institute of Technology
India: Kolkata, West Bengal
Poddar Chatra Niwas
India: Korea, Chattisgarh
D.I.E.T. Korea
India: Kurushetra, Haryana
National Institute of Technology Kurushetra
India: Lucknow, UP
King George Medical University Lucknow
India: Mumbai
Karjat Engineering College
India: Mumbai, Mumbai University
1) D.Y.Patil Medical College (1)
2) D.Y.Patil Medical College (2)
3) Tema Nursing College
4) Maharashtra, Department of Education
5) Seva Sadan College of Education
India: Pune, Maharashtra
1) PDEA College of Pune – Dr.Arvind B.Telang Institute of Hotel Management
Indonesia: Bali
STMIK – Stitkom Bali
Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur
Taylor’s Hostel Management
Nepal: Kathmandu
1) Sarathi Pathshala College
2) St. Xavier’s School
Sri Lanka: Batticaloa, Eastern Province
Eastern Hotel School


Bosnia (& Herzegovina)
Assn. Education Builds Bosnia & Herzegovina
Denmark: Faaborg
AOF Adult Ed Program
Denmark: Odense
AOF Adult Ed Program
Denmark: Søborg
DKUC (Danish Education and Training Center)
Denmark: Svendborg
AOF Adult Ed Program
England: Banbury (Adult Ed)
N. Oxfordshire Technical College
England: Bristol
Coexist CIC, Hamilton House
England: Milton Keynes, Bucks
Woodhill Prison
England: Southwark, London
London School of Economics, Sidney Webb Halls
England: Sutton
Sutton College of Learning for Adults (SCOLA)
England: W. Midlands
Kidderminster College of Further Education
Greece: Larissa
Tech. Res. Center (TRC) of The Technological Educational Institute of Larissa (TEI)
Ireland: Ballina, County Mayo
Newman Institute – College of Theology
Ireland: Dublin (Adult Ed)
Waterford College for Further Education
Philippines: Daraga, Albay
PiaMont Peñafrancia Science Oriented School Foundation
Portugal: Lisbon
USIA- Senior Intergeracional University of Amadora
Portugal: Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto
Agrupamento de Escolas Diogo de Macedo Olival
Scotland: Dundee
Univ. of Dundee Continuing Education
Serbia: Subotica
Open University
Slovenia: Celje
High school – 4th level (18 &19 yrs. old)
Sweden: Simrishamn, Skåke
Vuxenskolan I Simrishamn
Sweden: Stockholm & Gothenburg
Sensus: Adult Ed program
Switzerland: Lucerne
Perspective Association


Argentina: Cordobav
Instituto Superior – educational institute
Argentina: Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires
Facultad de Ciencias Sociales
Bolivia: San Andrés
University Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA)
Brazil: Bahia, Salvador
1) School faculty (Faculdade São Bento)
Brazil: Rio de Janeiro
Casa Arte Vida – Art Institute (college)
Brazil: Sao Paolo
1) Int’l Univ. of Peace (UNIPAZ)
2) PUC – Catholic University
3) SENAC (Serviço Nacional de Apoio ao Comercio)
4) University of Peace (UMPAZ)
Chile: Santiago
Instituto Professional de Ciencais de la Computación
Colombia: Antioquia 
Education Center, Medellín
Colombia: Cali, Valle Del Cauca
Fey Alegria
Ecuador: Ibarra
Dept. Education: admin & teachers
Ecuador: Quito
Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador
Mexico: Cozumel
Cozumel Universidad de Quintana Roo
Mexico: Mexico City
1) Univ. Autonoma Metropolitana
2) Universidad de Vida
Peru: Cusco
UNSAAC: Univ. Nursing faculty
Peru: Lima
1) Federation of Students, Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina – FEUA
2) Rotaract Club Gustavo Gross Cuadra
3) Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina- UNALM


Saskatchewan: Regina
Parkland College (First Nation)
Arizona: Phoenix
Fresh Start Women’s Foundation
California: Northridge
Cal. State Northridge (CSUN)
California: Chico
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Florida: Clearwater
Clearwater Endoscopy Center
Florida: Miami Beach
UNIDADMB (English)
Florida: Tampa
University of Tampa
Maine: Portland: U. of S. Maine
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Minnesota: Austin
Austin Community Education
North Carolina: Gaston County
TRIO – Gaston College
Pennsylvania: Monaca
Community College of Beaver County
Utah: St George
Institute of Continued Learning
Washington: Shoreline
The Blakely at Echo Lake


New Zealand: Hawkes Bay Adult Ed
Tararua Reap Adult Ed Courses