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Peace On Earth Film Festival Q & A

Peace On Earth Film Festival Q & A from Studio View Productions on Vimeo.

Prem Rawat

There is something in you that wants to be generous. See, it’s not only that you have generosity in you, but there is something in you that wants to be generous. Not only that you have love in you, but there is something in you that wants to love—and something that wants to be loved. But this is buried under garbage.
In life, as you grow older, you always have to keep focus and perspective on what is important. This garbage that we accumulate in our lives, what does it do? The biggest harm it does is it frustrates us. And when a human being starts to feel the frustration inside of them, they can no longer see straight; they can no longer prioritize; they can no longer understand; they can no longer see beyond the realm of their problems.
And that’s why problems become the biggest thing. And the things that are important will get buried in garbage. You’ve got to keep your house clean—every day if you can—every day; every hour if you can. But if you can’t, at least, every two days—and that’s to sit down; be with yourself!
And say, “Okay, what is important to me?” Not to the world. Not the world’s expectations of me, but, “What is important to me? I want to feel good; I want to be in peace—and I want to help the ones I love, that I want to be there for them.” Once you have this? This is your “house cleaned.” You know where everything is—and do it! Because you can!
And that’s the simplest wisdom, you know, simplest wisdom—and you have that in you. Of course you have that in you. You always have that in you—you have the ability to vacuum-clean up, and make your life shine! And that’s what you should do!
Not be victimized by all the garbage that everybody keeps—because once the room, once the house looks like garbage, people are going to dump more garbage in it! That’s what’s going to happen! And then everybody will come, “Oh, we know a place to dump the garbage….” And that’s what happens.
Clean, clean, clean. That’s called “conscious, being conscious, being aware.” Being aware.

sábado, 22 de julio de 2017

Prem Rawat

We live in this world. Technology has changed; so many things have changed. But we are still human beings. We are still human beings. And the issue here is, “What is a human being?”
Human beings have forgotten who they are! And not only have they forgotten who they are, but what are their true needs! What is it? You have to understand the difference between need and want. Need is something without which you cannot exist. That’s your need. You need air; you need warmth; you need food; you need water. 
The first thing: I am a human being—the first thing. That’s the first thing I was when I was born. And when I take my last breath that’s what I’m going to be, a human being. 
And in between, I can think of all the things—who I am, what I am, what I would like to be. I can have all the titles; I can have all the things. But, I didn’t have them when I was born, and they’re not going to help me when I die. I cannot say, “Oh, but I am so-and-so. You can’t just come into my house and take me.” No, no!
And I will give them all the value; I will give them all the importance, as the world gives importance to all that we do—but we do not give importance to what we truly understand.
And for us on the face of this earth, the challenge is to get in touch with what we fundamentally are. Not of who we want to be. Because this is what we have gotten lost in. We are lost in this fake world that we have created for ourselves, and in that fake world we are super-beings!
We’re not. We are human beings. And we are not all about money, but we are about kindness; we are about generosity; we are about love; we are about feeling; we are about understanding. And these are the gifts that you can give, not only to yourself, not only to your fellow human beings, but to your family, and to anyone you want.
And the beautiful thing about the gift of generosity, the gift of love, the gift of kindness, the gift of understanding is, the more you give, the more you can give, because it’ll only increase, not decrease. The gift of understanding, the gift of love, the more you share, the more you will have.
Peace begins with you. Simple as that: peace begins with you—you understanding who you are. It is no mistake what Socrates said, “Know thyself.” To know who you are.

miércoles, 19 de julio de 2017

Prem Rawat

A man once had a question about the Divine, and he went to a wise man and he said, “You’re a wise man. Tell me, where is the Divine?” So the wise man said, “Okay.” So he called his servant, and he said, “Bring me a big thing of salt.” The servant brought a big thing of salt. And he said, “Now bring me a bucket of water,” and he brought him a bucket of water.
He gave the salt to the man, and he said, “Now take this salt, put it in the bucket of water, and stir, stir, stir, stir, stir.” And he kept stirring; he kept stirring, stirring, stirring, stirring—till the salt disappeared. The wise man said, “Where is the salt? Has it disappeared? Is it gone?” And the man said, “Yeah, it’s gone!” He said, “No! Taste the water. It’s still there.” 
The same thing with the Divine. The Divine that you search for is unsearchable, cannot be searched for. Do you know why? It’s already there. Closer than your nose! Closer than your fingertip, dissolved into this magnificent creation, everywhere—and in you too. In you too!
You’re trying to see that salt that was held in the guy’s hand once. It’s still there, but that’s not the way it is. But it’s still there.
When you, in your life, begin to understand the simplicity—not the complex. See, everybody has told you things; you never questioned them. You didn’t question. The people told you things; you didn’t question them. You just said, “Ahh, okay….”
And you went along like this all your life. And today, you’re here, and I’m going to challenge you. I absolutely am going to challenge you—on what you know and what you don’t know. And I am going to say to you, that what matters in this life is what you know, not what you think.
You touch something hot; you burn yourself. And what do you say? “Oh, I thought it was turned off.” Huh! So, tell your fingers that: “It’s okay. Don’t hurt. I was thinking the iron was turned off.” 
Your finger says, “I don’t care what you thought. I don’t care what you thought. That iron was hot. And you, dum-dum, touched it—and now, I’m going to let you know you shouldn’t have done that.” This is how it is. 
You’re not here to suffer—but suffering is there. You’re not here to suffer, but suffering is there. Choose that that will take you towards that beauty that is inside of you.

viernes, 14 de julio de 2017

Prem Rawat

 Your life evolves every second. And if you’re not evolving with it, there’s going to be disharmony; there’s going to be discord; there’s going to be a separation. That’s how it is. Whether you are young, whether you are old—you’re changing! And of course, you’re allergic to changing. You don’t want to change! Why don’t you want to change? Because you think you’re perfect. (I know some of you laughed.)

And the trouble is, deep down inside, you think you are perfect—way, way, way, way, way deep inside. You make no mistakes, really. Now, in your perfectness, you are also humble enough—because you’re perfect, see—so you’re humble enough to accept that you are sometimes wrong, but not really.

So, telling the perfect one, “You’re changing,” is a bit of a strange news. It’s like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, I’ve…”—you’ve heard that, right, “You’re always changing”? You’ve heard that. Do you believe it? No!
Why? Because you’re going to go home, and you’re going to do exactly what you do every single evening. Tomorrow you’re going to get up; it’s going to be a duplicate of one of the days in your life—and then one day, it won’t be duplicated. 

When you will understand—not learn like a parrot—but understand the value of being alive, value of being… Do you know the value of being alive? How many of you do? Come on, raise your hand. Really? Really!? How many don’t? Okay, there are a few who don’t; there is hope for them. Very little hope for Mr. Perfect.

This is the infinite blessing. There is more joy in being alive than you can ever fathom. There is more happiness in being alive than you can ever realize. There is more clarity in being alive than you will ever, ever be able to gauge. And there is more peace in being alive than you can ever imagine.

viernes, 7 de julio de 2017


Mirtha West with Vir Jai and 10 others.

Lo único que aprendemos de la historia es lo que no debemos volver a hacer. Como ha ocurrido antes, pensamos que eso nos permite volverlo a hacer.
Hay personas en India, en el 2016 estuve en una universidad hablando de la Paz, hubo sesión de preguntas y respuestas al final...y un caballero se levantó y dijo que las guerras son algo normal, que incluso en esta escritura india ya ocurría, para él era normal que hubieran guerras y le pregunté:
¿Qué has aprendido de la historia?
Tú has aprendido a pensar que la guerra es legítima porque ya ha ocurrido antes, eso no es aprendizaje, eso es repetir el mismo .
Aprendizaje sería que viste que fue un error y que no debería volver a ocurrir, por tanto, muchos antes que tú han mirado solo en el exterior y se han fijado ahí y han tratado de tener éxito y de ver lo que hay y conseguir lo que el mundo les decía que tenían que conseguir.
¿Qué les ha ocurrido a ellos?
Los seres humanos tienen una memoria muy corta y aún esas estatuas que están ahí de personajes famosos, poco a poco con total certeza, se irán diluyendo de la memoria, van siendo olvidados porque cada vez cosas del pasado se van tornando irrelevantes, la memoria va fallando y ya no te acuerdas, tú ya olvidas quienes fueron y una vez más el campo está preparado para que ocurra el mismo error.
Sabes cuántos millones y millones de personas trabajan durísimo para llegar a esa línea, a ese punto, a esa marca que dice: "ya lo hiciste, has logrado tener éxito." 
Cuántos millones y millones sueñan con llegar a esa linea que marca que has llegado y que si no lo logras, has fallado.
La pregunta es: ¿La vida se trata de eso? , ¿Es por lo que estamos vivos o hay algo más?
¿Hay un mundo tuyo al que no sientes cercano?
Ese mundo interior en el que no vas por el éxito, sino que intentas ser feliz.
Ese mundo en el que no te esfuerzas para conseguir fama, sino para conseguir paz. No diplomas, sino claridad.
Y no mides los logros, sino que mides tu existencia por los regalos que se te han dado, que ya se te dieron
¿Comprendes y ves el valor del aliento?
Porque este aliento es lo que te dice que estás vivo
Mientras respires, estás vivo.
Si no viene a ti, hay algo que no está bien pues
es la manifestacion de la vida.
No lo vemos así y nos damos cuenta, sïno cuando ya es demasiado tarde y el médico no parece optimista...y entonces lo captas
en ese momento te das cuenta de todo, rotundamente
es como cuando ese centavo cae al suelo y hace mucho ruido, así es ese darse cuenta y ves tu relacion con todo lo demás.
Te ves pensando en todos estos otros temas:
Necesitamos pagar el lavavajillas
tu hijo una vez más, no ha aprobado el examen
mira, querida...
Gran Bretaña ha dicho que elige el Brexit,
cariño, ¿has oido? Trump es el presidente de los Estados Unidos,
en India han anunciado oficialmente el EST, algo
y ahora, de repente
primero hay tristeza, miedo, cólera al principio
pero ahora ya no tiene sentido enfadarse
no puedes hacer nada y ahora, algo más entra en juego y es
el amor...
TÚ, te conviertes en el centro de tu vida
de eso hablo, ese es el regalo sin abrir
porque no estabas en el centro de tu vida,
lo demás, todo el resto de cosas estaban allí,
tú no eras importante,
no hay Buenos Dias, no hay Te Quieros
¿Qué vas a hacer hoy?
el café, el periódico, la familia que está a tu alrededor,
si estás en India, te dicen tráeme esta comida, la otra; si estás en Mexico tráeme tortillas cuando vuelvas a casa
¿cuándo fue la ultima vez que fuiste,
que estuviste en el centro de tu vida?
asi que ¿Quién debería estar en el centro de tu vida?
Sino tú... ¿quien? ¿qué?
¿Qué se requiere para que el medico te diga:
"no te queda mucho tiempo".
Mira, tengo una perspectiva diferente y única
muchas personas mayores, que están en las últimas vienen a verme,quieren hablar conmigo. ¿Y, qué les digo?
¿Lo siento?, ! no! y no quiero que ellos lo sientan,
porque recuerda esa letra pequeña que está en tu contrato.
¿Has leido esa letra pequeña?
dice: Nadie se queda aquí para siempre, no hay hoteles para eso,
Así que ahora, vamos a cambiar la estrategia
teniamos la estrategia equivocada, ahora la cambiamos,
vamos a disfrutar cada segundo que tengamos todavía de esto que llamamos nuestra vida, sin trabas... sin tabúes,
mientras el aliento llegue a ti, estás vivo
y mientras eso ocurre, tienes licencia para exprimirlo, asi que
Normalmente, la familia esta allí
te digo: llena ese cuenco, es lo único que te vas a llevar contigo
es ese sentimiento de sentirte pleno
por eso tienes un corazón
que está allí, como ese cuenco vacío
que desea que se le llene de comprension, de alegria...
Te quedas atrapado en los cambios,
hay una perspectiva muy interesante
todas las personas quieren ser diferentes,
pero son iguales
asi es como funciona mi cerebro.
Estamos todos intentando ser diferentes,
con nuestras personalidades, diferentes.
Yo tenía un bigote, pasaba horas peinándolo, cortándolo y alguna
vez, cortaba un lado más que otro... y pensaba, bueno, va a crecer.
Pero eso es lo que hace todo el mundo.
¿Quien soy yo?
el dia que te preguntas eso,
has obtenido un regalo, te has encontrado a tí mismo..
Foto: Carlos Carlos Suarez