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"Your True Nature" now on the Premium Channel

Your True Nature

"We forget who we are. In this desert, the first person you need to understand is not your friend, not your family member, not your colleague. First you need to understand who you are. The truth, the reality, the beauty, the prosperity, the peace you are looking for — you never lost it. Never. It was always within you."
This episode focuses on the true nature of human beings. Rain Rucker, Executive Producer, said:
"This episode has a really nice flow and rhythm to the editing. Like many of the episodes this year we were able to take advantage of the flexibility that the high resolution, RED cameras provide. We were able to control the framing throughout the episode, choosing close ups for the right moments, and also do very slow, elegant zooms that add movement and breathe a little life into the video, really helping to enhance Prem Rawat's message."
For a one-time fee of 10.00 USD or 8.00 EUR, you can watch the full-length video online, or get a download from $10.00.
All profits from sales support the Words of Peace Global charitable foundation. Thanks to the help of so many volunteers around the world our costs are minimized, allowing more of your purchase price to go toward supporting our charity's objectives.

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