sábado, 19 de octubre de 2013

The Instrument - Watch it now on the Premium Channel

The Instrument

"You must listen to the music of your existence and know if you are enjoying it or not. If you are enjoying it every day — enjoying this life, enjoying this breath, enjoying understanding, enjoying knowledge, enjoying clarity, enjoying love — then you know the right instrument is being played by the right person and the sound is superb."
We were each given an instrument. The question is, are we playing it well? In this episode, Prem Rawat looks at what it means to play the instrument of this existence.
For a one-time fee of 10.00 USD or 8.00 EUR, you can watch the full-length video online, or get the video or audio from $10.00.
All profits from sales support the Words of Peace Global charitable foundation. Thanks to the help of so many volunteers around the world our costs are minimized, allowing more of your purchase price to go toward supporting our charity's objectives. 

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