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A music initiative


I wanted to let you know about an initiative that I started during the early days of this past October 2012.  
¿Tu Sabes? ...You Know? is the name of a music work that I started producing five years ago, a collection of songs, some known, some not, with the particular characteristic that is fully sang in Spanish by Daya Rawat, a wonderful singer who’s voice has touched many thousands of hearts from around the world.  
It is a production that has been financed so far by myself and two very dear friends of mine.  

I decided to make an initiative out of this work, inviting friends and foes, to either contribute by pre ordering the music CD, or by donating funds, for the purpose of collecting a total of $5,000.00 to finance post production, mastering and the printing of the first 1000 CD copies.
Once the CD is for sale, proceeds are assigned to benefit in perpetuity, the different programs offered by the Prem Rawat Foundation (, a humanitarian organization that is doing an amazing work bringing help to people in need anywhere around the World, focused on Peace, Dignity and Prosperity.
With a contribution of $25.00 you receive a signed copy of the CD and your name will appear in the “executive production” section of the CD cover.

There are different ways for people to send their contribution, if you feel inspired to do so, after visiting all provided web sites.
First one is via PayPal to an account connected to this email address: 
In the following link you will find different options to participate, offered by PayPal:

Second option is via a “Kickstarter” campaign

Third option, if you live in the USA, you can send a check or money order to:
Signore Music
22337 Pacific Coast Hwy. #697 
Malibu, CA. 90265

Our goal is to be able to release Tu Sabes?...You Know? before this coming Christmas.   We received contributions through all mentioned options (minus transaction fees) for a total of $1,301.23, by 38 individuals from many places of this amazing World.  
There is a great deal of enthusiasm about this work and its purpose.  
People from Europe, North, Central & South America, Australia and India have sent their support and have been helping in order to let others know about it.  The amount of positive feedback is simply beautiful and I’ll be sharing it with all of you very soon.
The deadline has been established for 12/12/12.

Here's a short video presentation:!/home
(best viewed on Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome)

I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you and best wishes, 
Eduardo Del Signore

+1310 456-4338 
+1310 924-4312

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