domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012


Dear Prem Rawat, My life has changed with your message. It makes me feel more human than ever before. I used to be lonely, like an abandoned flower in the desert.
            – Ezeiza Women’s Prison, Argentina
I can change my way of living. I’ve become aware that to be in peace with oneself is the most marvelous thing.
           – Cancun Public Municipal Jail, Mexico
In my life I was always worried. I had fears of waking up every day in prison. I started to listen to Prem Rawat, and he taught me to enjoy this life. Today the peace is in me, something I didn’t know. Knowing peace makes me feel good.
           – Zonderwater Prison, S. Africa
Dear Prem Rawat, Before, I couldn’t feel the meaning and the value of my existence until two months ago when they brought your message. Now I no longer face my life with confusion but with gratitude. What you bring is the value that is full of hope and a bright future.”
           – Taoyuan Women’s Jail, Taiwan
I used to be angry all the time before I started coming to these classes. My family and my wife told me they see a big difference in the way I’m acting and carry myself now. Thank you so much for helping us to find that inner peace.
           – Dominguez State Jail, Texas
Thank you for providing a perspective that has given my life significance, meaning, and most of all, peace—applied directly to the wounds of my life—that personally, privately, and powerfully give me the direction I longed for.
           – Dominguez State Jail, Texas

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