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Prem Rawat Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

The Prem Rawat Foundation
Peace Day Message from Prem RawatFeature Story
On Thursday, September 26, Prem Rawat was awarded BrandLaureate’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement, making him the fifth recipient ever.

Read the article and see the video.

Hannah's Story

Read blog post from The Adventure Project founder, Becky Straw about how water pumps partially funded by TPRF have have “the ability to move a farmer and their family from poverty into the middle class in just one harvest.”

Helping Kenya’s Farmers Help Themselves
In Amoyo, an area of Kenya where drought is frequent and poverty is a staple, British traveler Simon Shirley works with village elders and TPRF to find a solution. Read more...

Early Intervention Saves Baby’s Eyesight

Three-month-old Abdullah Faqieh was born with cataracts in both eyes. Because of a program partially funded at St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital, he will likely never remember not being able to see. Read more...

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