lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2011

Benefit Golf 2011 Tournament - $10 Ball Drop

Welcome to the Canadian Challenge 1st Annual Charity Golf Tournament!

The Ball-Drop consists of a thousand or more golf-balls, dropped by helicopter near a single target hole.  All the balls are numbered, and when you donate 1 or more ball, you are automatically assigned a number for each ball you purchase.
Winning balls are the balls landing closest to the target hole in the helicopter drop.  The drop will be videoed and streamlined live to the Banquet Hall at the Northview Country Club; winners will be notified immediately!
Rewards for ball-drop winners allow you to be part of the game excitement - it's like getting a hole-in-one, long-distance, for the mere cost of a $10 DONATION!! Increase your chances of winning by purchasing our special discounted packages of 3 or 7 balls!  ALL PROCEEDS FROM BALL DROP DONATED DIRECTLY TO OUR THREE CHARITIES. WINNERS ANNOUNCED ONLINE LIVE AT BALL-DROP!!






Not able to attend the tournament in person? You are invited to ...

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You Will Benefit Three Worthy Charities
Shelterbox  Providing shelter-in-a-box for emergency disaster relief worldwide.
TPRF  Satisfying basic human needs for water, food and peace, delivered with dignity.
VHES  Offering temporary housing for the most in need in BC.

Learn more about these charities: Click here.

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