lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2011


A message to all members of iPeace

Let me introduce myself and the new

I am Eyal Raviv and I am responsible for managing My experience comes from MEPEACE - a network I developed to exemplify, empower and enable peace on

iPeace is Individual, International and Inspirational! In the coming future, we will remake, reinvent, and revive our network at

Your help is needed to grow and support Help us out by volunteering - join us at:

I welcome you to get in touch and thank you for your commitment to peace and  

Eyal Raviv
Tel Aviv-Jaffa

PS. As today marks ten years since September 11 2011, I invite you to join me today at 3 pm EST in our new homepage chat at

Invite your friends with 3 clicks:

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