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WOPG TV Chosen by Promovision Viewers as Favorite Program

Por the WOPG Editorial Team   
Jueves 25 de Agosto de 2011 07:41
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In a web survey conducted in June 2011 by Promovision Channel 10, more than a third of participating viewers selected Words of Peace Global TV (WOPG TV) as their favorite program. Out of the channel's twenty-four listed offerings, WOPG TV received 805 of 2,111 votes, surpassing other popular programs by at least 13.5%.
After the survey concluded, WOPG TV was featured on Promovision's homepage in a banner ad that read “Felicitamos al programa Words of Peace, primer lugar en la preferencia del público durante el mes de julio [We congratulate the program Words of Peace, first place in the public's preference during the month of July].”
“Prem Rawat travels around the world spreading a unique message about the possibility for every person to experience peace in their lives. We at Promovision congratulate the producers and distributors of the program Words of Peace Global TV which presents the talks of this remarkable person who has, since 2004, gained the empathy and respect of such a large number of our viewing audience,” writes Carlos Toledo Cardounel, General Director of Promovision Channel 10.
Promovision is a Mexican cable provider which broadcasts both in and beyond the Yucatán peninsula via cable, internet and satellite. In Mexico they are estimated to have over 1,500,000 viewers, with an additional 160,000 in Peru and Venezuela. Their 24-hour Livestream is also accessible via their website.
In closing his letter, Cardounel adds, “We are also thankful for the confidence that has been bestowed on us, to continue to spread his message.”


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