domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011

What’s new on TPRF

News this week:
A New Life of Possibilities: Rene Chapa, released this year from a jail in San Antonio, Texas, relates how his life was changed when he began listening to videos of Prem Rawat’s addresses while he was still in prison.
Nomads in Niger, One Year Later: Tells the story of what happened when a TPRF grant provided food for children in nomadic areas of Niger and reduced-cost feed for their families’ animals.
Latest blog post: Meet Kathya Bustamante, TPRF’s volunteer Fundraising Manager, a young entrepreneur who didn’t think she had time but could not say no to her enthusiasm.
East Africa Update: TPRF will be providing up to $70,000 in support for people in East Africa suffering from drought and hunger. Two grants will involve matching funds to help raise an even larger sum. TPRF has decided to continue addressing this crisis through September, and an exciting part of that effort will be centered on Facebook and Causes. Stay tuned!

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