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WOPG Newsletter - A surprise event in Lisbon, one man's passion and "the place behind"

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Report: Event in Lisbon - July 1, 2011
“Have you ever looked at it in this way — that you need to have a relationship with the divine so that you can take in what is being offered?”

On July 1, 2011 in Lisbon, Portugal, Maharaji gave an unexpected address to an audience of people already familiar with his message. The event was planned, pulled together and announced to residents within a span of 24 hours. Soon many had dropped their plans to come listen to the words of their teacher.
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One Man's Passion

A documentary-style perspective on the effort made by Maharaji to share his timeless message of peace with people around the world. It features Maharaji's efforts and travels, and the observations and experiences of several people who have worked closely with him.
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    From our blog

    The Place Behind

    When I was growing up I had a nagging feeling that there was ‘something behind’. I felt that I was in a room with a wonderful machine that was thinking away, feeling away, busying itself with lots of activity. Yet I sensed that there must be another place behind all this activity, where something else was going on. I had no idea what. I just knew it had to be there. This busy, machine-filled room could not be all there was.
    From the age of five I attended Newbold Primary School, a bleak Victorian building in a northern English mill town. Surrounded by tall smokestacks, it had a tarmac playground that always seemed to be under leaden skies: a vision straight from a Lowry painting...
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