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Help for East Africa


Bulletin from the cause: TPRF: Food for People

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Posted By: The Prem Rawat Foundation
To: Members in TPRF: Food for People

Help for East Africa

Dear Cause Member:
Last year in August and September, TPRF conducted a fundraising campaign to help survivors of the floods in Pakistan. In September, TPRF made a grant to WaterAid, 12% of which was raised via TPRF's supporters on Causes, mainly before WaterAid was announced as the grant recipient.

WaterAid recently wrote to TPRF as follows (emphasis added):

It’s one year on from the devastating floods in Pakistan, and we are pleased that the BBC is marking this occasion by featuring some WaterAid photos of the aftermath of the disaster on their website:
They are powerful, evocative taken by a photographer commissioned by WaterAid to visit the areas where we work in order to highlight the terrible impact of the floods and try to ensure that the situation is not forgotten. 
The Prem Rawat Foundation was incredibly quick to respond to our call for help, and the immense generosity demonstrated by the Foundation and its supporters undoubtedly saved many thousands of lives.  Thank you all for the amazing contribution you made to making this donation, and for the inspirational commitment you have shown towards reaching some of the poorest people in the world for whom, literally, water is life.

Now TPRF is engaged in a similar campaign to help the people of East Africa. The foundation has already declared its intention to make a grant of $25,000 plus the amount raised by August 14. Again, TPRF's Causes supporters are responding to this call, even before the grant recipient is announced. TPRF selects the most reputable, efficient, and cost effective partners for its disaster relief grants and adds no cost of its own to donations made for this purpose.

If you would like to help the people of East Africa, you can feel confident that any donated funds will be used effectively by TPRF. Your confidence in TPRF enables rapid life-saving responses like those mentioned by WaterAid.

On behalf of caring people throughout the world, TPRF thanks you for participating in this relief effort.

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Help for East Africa

Fundraising Project: Help for East Africa

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