miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011

Every Event is Global

For over four decades, Prem Rawat — known by the honorary title, Maharaji — has crisscrossed the globe speaking to people about peace at indoor and outdoor events. Each event features a talk by Maharaji as well as video presentations. Sometimes events include musical performances, and some are interactive, providing the opportunity for people to speak to him directly. Audiences can range from several hundred thousand — 350,000 people attended an event in Gaya, India in 2008 — to a few hundred. Regardless of size, each event is a highly individual, personal experience for those attending.
Occasionally, Prem Rawat attends formal, private events as an honorary speaker, such as his address at the European Union Parliament House in Brussels on June 29, 2010.
All events are filmed, providing the material for videostelevision broadcastswritten publications and more. Many events are also streamed as a first-time release to thousands of people around the world.

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