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WOPG Newsletter - A summertime pilgrimage, implosion, excerpts from Barcelona and more

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This last 4th of July I was driving along the Pacific Coast Highway — a road that runs along the coast of California — and was amazed to see thousands and thousands of people dotting its beaches. Cars were parked on both sides of the road and people were walking in endless procession weighed down with umbrellas and coolers, bags and hats — all in the hopes of getting to the beach, to unwind, to relax. A pilgrimage, of sorts.

Star Stuff
While viewing 'Stephen Hawking’s Universe’ one night, I was surprised to learn that general cosmological thought now contends that black holes are a necessary part of the physical universe. In other words, the seen universe could not continue as it is without the existence of black holes.

On the road

Report: Event in Barcelona - June 25, 2011

Within meters of the Balearic Sea, three thousand people gathered on Saturday, June 25 in Barcelona to hear Maharaji speak about the choices we make between light and darkness, joy and sadness, pleasure and pain.
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Humanitarian aid

Zainabu’s Story, Tanzania

Last year, TPRF made a grant to WaterAid to support their long-term Community Managed Water Supply program in remote rural areas of Tanzania that lack basic safe water. Not only does this program target the neediest areas, but it is based on community participation, local skill development, and long-term sustainability.
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