lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Heaven On Earth - The Brighton Event.

The event in Brighton went way beyond my wildest expectations - So very very much Love filled our hearts - it was more than palpable in the auditorium - So much laughter , Real belly laughs , over and over again - tears of laughter streaming down my face - His presence dissolved all problems - Tears of Pure Love welling up over and over and over again - He showed me again the true meaning of the word Bliss . - The Clarity of Understanding ,The Feeling of Who I Truly Am , was revealed to me, - He Is My Master . And I love Him. - And I want to Help Him in His Mission to give everyone on this planet the opportunity to hear about His Most Wonderful Knowledge. - - In the wind and the rain we all arrived at the Brighton conference centre on the morning of the 17th,- After a couple of great videos and an introduction by Ron Greaves ,- Maharaji came on stage :- In His own inimitable way He started off by saying that today was just like any other day, and that everyday was a day for celebration. - Of course He then continued , reminding us of the '70s and just how very wild we where back then - He spoke of the first house He stayed in ,in Lincoln Street in London, and how on the first morning He came down stairs , and the premies had a chair with a white sheet over it for Him to sit on , - Well, He said that when He sat down there was just about 3 or 4 premies sat in front of Him , and He was looking at them and they were looking at Him - And He thought " OMG what have I let myself in for ? ". - He spoke about how a lot of the premies in those days ,had eyes that where " smoked " or " red eye " [ stoned ] , and that He didn't know if they would ever practice , - He said that some of us were just looking for another religion and that others [ me for one ] , just wanted a quick fix so that we could be put into a permanent state of enlightenment ! , He went on to explain what true enlightenment actually was . - He then said that " looking around the hall today I can see many faces from back then, so you must have been responsible enough to practice " - He also said that there was many premies from back then that are not here today , because they have now passed on - But He said that they were still with us today in the Hall , and He said that in fact they were at every single event , but that they never had to bother with registration ! ! ! . - He said so very much on a variety of topics - He said about us premies ," Listen , I Know you Love Knowledge " - - He spoke about how we all were actually Apes , Chimpanzees - And He proceeded to explain how and why that all our behaviour was just like chimps , and then He started to mimic a chimp - Can you Imagine ? - He was pulling all the facial expressions and grimaces that chimps do , - He returned to this topic more than once - But believe me it was hilarious [ I reckon that if He ever wanted to change career He would make a brilliant comedian ! ]. - He was with His beloved Premies , and He let His hair down - Personally I have my doubts that the video of the event will ever be on public release , maybe in an abridged format - I hope so ? - He was saying expletive type words like, Pissed , Christ ! , OMG. -So Funny ! ! ! . - He spoke of many serious subjects like , Famine , Democracy ,- He said that there was more than enough food on this planet to feed every single person many times over , But that a few greedy people were hoarding it in food mountains for their own profit . - He said that His understanding of Democracy , in its simplest form , was that a few people [ the capable ones ] would take care of the majority ,- But what was actually happening was that the majority were looking after the few greedy ones - He said " That's Not Democracy ". ----------------- [ I'll try to tell a bit more later ]

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