lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Event in Brighton June 17th and 18th 2011

 Another wonderfully inspiring event. I am pretty sure that listening and watching him in person has it's own charisma! There was music, tears of joy, laughter, love, wonderfull expressions and even Daya sang to this occassion!!
(Blessed are those who listen to his message, they fall in the knowing category, and not the believing one he said!!)
Maharaji began by stressing that the event sure was celebrating his 40 years of coming to London but we must be mindfull of what it all really  is about.
If we are going to celebrate then let there be a celebration everyday not just ( today). Celebrate today, tomorrow, the day after and everyday of your life. Know the importance of "NOW".

Here are some things which touched my heart, and it may not be verbatum but the esscence is there, for those who are eager to hear his message.
He reflected on the Tsunami which hit Japan, it was a disaster which should not have happened and  could most cerainly have been averted. How?
He said" Many many years ago someone did an incredible act of humanity, an incredible act! He put up a stone with a warning  " DO NOT BUILD BEYOND THIS POINT".
Unfortunately, people in Japan took no notice and built there anyway. It is no surprise that we do the same in our lives, we form beliefs and and ignore knowledge.
This is the difference between knowing and believing. To the person who put that stone, he did this for a reason, he knew that a disaster like this would happen again, but what did the people do?
They formed a belief and indeed believed that nothing like this would happen again.But it did!
Therefore, he stressed that knowing is everything. He even went a little further to say that He will always be there to be the one to say "Do not build beyond this point", meaning,  to continue to inspire us to look within and know the truth.
He said a lot of people listen to his message and there a few who switch the channel, however he wanted us to be the few who fell in the former category.
And indeed, when addressing an expression he said, people who have listened to this message are here and some have even  passed away ,gone, but those who have took heed,
 are the ones who have really lived their lives, even if they are dead now.
People have this picture of God, he does this and that, but how do we know it is a HE, and if he is a HE then boy the men have had it!This is because the women would be so lucky
 and would be given all the preference over men, he joked. Therefore, one should stop painting all these pictures.
He said we stop behaving like monkeys, and we can only be Humans when we have fathomed the difference between believing and knowing. When we know we become humans! A tree is  not known for it's roots or it's branches, it's known for it's fruit, so enjoy the fruit!
Jai satchidanand ♥

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