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The Global Peace Initiative Department is now up & running

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The Global Peace Initiative Department is up & running

The Global Peace Initiative Department (GPI) — WOPG’s brand new department — is now fully up and running. The search for motivated worldwide volunteers has just started and promises to be a truly exciting time for everyone.
GPI was created with the purpose of providing a single platform of support to all those around the world who wish to hear Maharaji’s message, participate and enjoy the gift of Knowledge.
This new department will simplify and innovate global efforts, providing the necessary tools to ensure that every person in the world has the opportunity to hear this message of peace.

What makes GPI different?

The Global Peace Initiative will help:
  • hundreds of thousands of people hear about Maharaji's message in an enjoyable and memorable way
  • interested people to get clear information and easy access to The Keys
  • people participating in their communities to have fun and feel they are part of rewarding and fruitful projects
  • people to enjoy Knowledge throughout their lives
With those goals in mind, GPI will provide global audiences with an easier way to get in touch.

A wider structure for supporting peace initiatives around the world

If you feel inspired to start an outreach initiative, GPI will support the entire process by providing the necessary information, materials, training and other support needed for your individual project. With GPI's guidance, your efforts are sure to be successful.
GPI has eight different areas that were set up to achieve this:
WOPG Online
Responsible for presenting Maharaji's message of peace to a global audience through high-quality online content and applications.
Existing Areas
Supports global peace initiatives in areas of the world where outreach is already established by providing customised strategies to aid the efforts of people interested in sharing this message.
New Areas
Helps research, develop, and implement customised outreach strategies in areas where few people have heard Maharaji's message.
Assistance Area
Provides the necessary information, materials, equipment and training that people need in order to begin new peace initiatives.
Aspirants Area
Ensures that a person aspiring to learn more about what Maharaji offers has access to all the information they need so that they have the chance to listen, prepare, ask for and receive the gift of Knowledge.
Key 6 Follow up Area
Provides support to people who have recently learned the techniques of Knowledge.
Research & Development Area
Researches and identifies new initiatives in the world, ensuring continued success by designing and developing various strategies and systems.
Budgeting & Planning Area
Most initiatives have financial costs, so this area strives to make sure that all initiatives are self-sufficient.
The Global Peace Initiative will gradually begin interacting with project managers in different regions of the world to support local initiatives. In the coming weeks GPI will set its focus on South America, coinciding with Maharaji’s tour.

It’s an exciting time to get involved

Find out which areas are most exciting to you by applying for the roles now available at It's as simple as that!
There are currently 34 positions open at the International and Regional levels (21 in Existing Areas, 11 in Key 6 Follow up Area, 9 in Aspirants Area, 2 in Assistance Area and 2 in Research & Development Area). More roles will follow shortly, including those at the local level.
Stay tuned and be the first to apply for that special role that suits you best. You really don’t want to miss this opportunity to play.
Welcome to GPI!
Warm regards,
Karthik Karathur
Global Peace Initiative
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