miércoles, 24 de noviembre de 2010

It's time to make peace a tangible possibility for every person on this earth

Words of Peace Global
Dear Blanca,
Prem Rawat's message is free in all its forms, whether its video, audio, print or in person. Generous sponsors around the world are committed to making this possible, and improving both the quality and the methods of its presentation.

Words of Peace currently reaches hundreds of thousands of homes each day, and the potential for growth is exponential. To make it happen, our task is simple: give what we can on a monthly basis. It doesn't matter whether the amount is big or small. Every
person can make difference.

If we can increase the number of Words of Peace monthly sponsors to 3,650 and raise an additional $40,000 a month, we'll have a headstart on our goal of sustainability.

Regular contributions ensure that resources are allocated to where they're needed most. It allows for planning, professionalism and improvement in all areas. Which ultimately means Prem Rawat's unique message of hope can reach more people than ever before thought imaginable.

It's time to make peace a tangible possibility for every person on this earth. Help awaken one more heart.

Sign up to become a regular contributor today, and watch a possibility become a reality.
Kindest regards,
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