sábado, 14 de enero de 2017

Prem Rawat

Fear … makes you jealous! Have you ever been angry? Why? Do you know why you were angry? Same reason as jealousy—fear. You were afraid. When you’re not afraid, you have no reason to be angry.
If somebody who is taller than you, bigger than you, comes at you like this—will you be afraid? A little baby about this big comes at you like this—will you be afraid? You’re not afraid of the baby—but you are afraid of … being hurt by this person: fear!
You see, fear is not responsible for just one thing. Fear is responsible for a lot of problems. People become depressed! Have you ever been depressed? Why? Either you can be afraid—or you can be doing something. When you’re doing something, you won’t be afraid.

You see, we fear the unknown, first—what we don’t know, we fear it. We fear that we will not succeed, that we will not be successful in life. We fear—not knowing ourselves, we fear that we will never amount to anything.

Because this is what the world tells us: “You are poor. You are this. You are that.” And everybody has the fear of failure—everybody is afraid to fail. The musician is afraid he will play the wrong note. The mother is afraid she won’t raise the child properly. The cook is afraid he may put too much salt in the food.
And you are afraid … that nothing good will come your way. Be clear! Understand who you are—and you will understand … that the day you took your first breath, all possibilities of failure stopped. You succeeded. You were a success.
And until the breath keeps coming into you, you are successful; you are successful; you are successful; you are successful—and this breath that just came? Success. Oh! And then that breath that just came? Success. And that breath too—success! Don’t you understand, being alive is success?

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