martes, 20 de diciembre de 2016

About this Book

The Pot with the Hole
By Prem Rawat

The hole in the pot could be a flaw or perhaps it’s a strength, an opportunity.
The Pot with the Hole, leaks water, but the gardener has found a unique role that only it can fulfill.
A pot has the job of carrying water every day to a beautiful garden. But when the gardener falls, the pot cracks and starts to leak. Will the pot ever be useful again? Prem Rawat’s heart-warming story is brought to life wonderfully by Aya Shiroi, one of Japan’s premier illustrators. A wide range of ages will enjoy this book and be touched by its message.
Last year Bunya published Splitting the Arrow from the world renowned speaker Prem Rawat. Following on from the success of that book Bunya are proud to announce the The Pot with the Hole a full color illustrated version of the first story from Splitting the Arrow.
The artist from Splitting the Arrow, Aya Shiroi, returns and uses colored pencil drawings to illustrate this enchanting story.

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