lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2016

Chris and Daya

Chris and Daya
G'day to you all from beautiful Australia!
Here's our fist official blog ... (Fred, thank you for all of your efforts!)
We're delighted to announce two big occasions ... 
Firstly, our wedding ... 
Chris and I married on September 4th, and secondly the release of our new album, "Radio" which is available for download via our website. 
We're still in honeymoon phase and invite you all to celebrate with us. 
Daya & Chris


We hope to see you at a concert in the fall (Oct, Nov, Dec)

Our album Envy of Stars was reviewed by Middle Tennessee Music blog. Please visit listen to a couple of our songs and read what they are saying about Envy of Stars
Demo Page: For those of you new to the website, the DEMO page is password protected.
Password: ChrisandDaya (one word, Captial C and D) 

To download the track "SONG DU JOUR" for free, go to and enter the code 7iph-ovzt

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