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Chris and Daya

Chris and Daya are in concert tonight, 21 August, in Vancouver, BC
The ticket information is on their website. 

 Interview: Chris and Daya were interviewed by the Middle Tennessee Music’s blog. You can read about what they have to say about their music and their experience performing together.
 Middle Tennessee Music 

 Winner New Music Friday: With your help, Chris and Daya won the New Music Friday poll on Ear To The Ground Music. In the coming weeks, their album Envy of Stars will be reviewed by this very good Music Blog.   Visiting  Middle Tennessee Music and Ear to the Ground Music  will also introduce you to some very talented independent musicians.   

Chris and Daya’s new Album “RADIO,”  will be released by the end of August. There are some truly beautiful songs on this album.  Daya featured on several. Chris and Daya are loking forward to  introducing "Radio" to their fan. 

Upcoming Concerts;  Chris and Daya will be tourning October thru December.  Check in to see if they are coming to a venue near you. 

Demo page: There is a new live video on the Demo Page. Chris and Daya singing “Song Du Jour'” Song Du Jour is on their new album, Radio. 

For those new to the website:
The Password to access the Demo Page is:  ChrisandDaya  (one word Capital C and D)

 Also please follow Chris and Daya on Twitter
Reverb NationSound Cloud, and search for Chris and Daya on Jango Internet Radio and become a fan.

One more item. Songs from Envy of Stars can now be downloaded directly from Chris and Daya'swebsite  Songs from Radio will be availble early September

That’s all for now,
Fred, for Chris and Daya

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