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In the Newsletter for March

Chris and Daya

Upcoming Shows
Inviting Chris and Daya to your area.
Demo Page Access
Chris and Daya’s second CD
 Envy of Stars on YouTube
Upcoming Shows

Chris and Daya will be performing in Seattle, WA 
When: Saturday March 19th at 7:00PM, (doors open at 6:30PM) 
Location: Bastyr University Chapel, 14500 Juanita Drive NE; Kenmore, WA 98028
Tickets: $25 online ($30 at the door)
there is also a very limited number of Sponsor tickets available $50 
Bastyr University Chapel is known for it’s wonderful acoustics. 

A special night of music. 
The evening will open with Seattle singer/songwriter Parzival Myr, followed by a solo extended set of Daya's, and conclude with the featured set by Chris and Daya. If you've never heard these two extraordinary musicians, you are in for a treat. If you have heard them and know how great they are, please help them get the word out by inviting your friends and neighbors.

For Tickets click here     Ticket sales will close Saturday at 2:00PM PDT

Note!  Bastyr University is a smoke free and fragrance free campus.
Bastyr University is not the sponsor of the concert. The concert is sponsored by friends of Chris and Daya 

Other shows in North America and Europe are in the planning stage.  We will let you know once they are confirmed. 
Inviting Chris and Daya to perform

Two options for brining Chris and Daya to your area are by promoting a Public Concert 
or by hosting a House Concert. Public Concerts, and Private House concerts. 
Chris and Daya will also be performing at a number of fund raising or benefit concerts this year. 

Public Concerts: Traditional concert in a venue open to the public, promoted and tickets sold.
Private House Concert: For any purpose from celebrating a special occasion, corporate gathering, or just to bring beautiful music for family and friends to enjoy. If you interested please contact me, Fred MacVittie, through the website, tell me what you are considering and I will be happy to send you the appropriate concert information sheet. 

Due to prior commitments, Chris and Daya's remaining performance schedule is somewhat limited.  In North America and Europe they are available to perform from middle April through mid July; and again from the second week in August to early September.  As of now they may have limited availability in October, November, December. However, if you are interested in a specific date, let us know and Chris and Daya will make every effort for it to happen.  
Demo Page (password protected)

To those of you new to Chris and Daya’s website you will want to visit the demo page. This page is only available to members of Chris and Daya’s website. On the demo page you will find new songs. Some are being considered for their new album (see below) and some are just for fun. These are demos and not of the highest quality or ready to be produced. Some are from a live performance. Yet you get to hear some new music and when the new CD is released you will understand how some of these songs evolved.  Let them know what you feel about the songs.
The password is: ChrisandDaya (one word with capital C and D)

A soon to be New Album by Chris and Daya 

Since Chris and Daya released Envy of Stars in June of last year people have been asking for more. For those of you who have been waiting, it won’t be much longer. We are pleased to announce that Chris and Daya will be recording their second album this spring in Austin Texas, It will be mainly acoustic with not too much distracting form the songs and Chris and Daya’s wonderful vocals. With more time to plan this album, they have been singing together for more than a year, Daya will have a much stronger presence on the new album. I am sure, like me, you are looking forward to it. 
 However, it takes money to make this happen. Getting recognized in a very competitive industry does not happen over night and it takes a lot of support form their fans and friends. For those who have seen and heard them perform or have listened to their CD, there is no question they have got what it takes to make this happen.
They are still working hard to promote the Envy of Stars and to bring it to the attention of a wider audience. The new CD will be released on their own label with an aggressive radio promotion effort planned. Everyone with have an opportunity to hear the music from both albums!
Chris and Daya are not planning a typical kick-starter type fundraiser for this album. They just want to let their fan know what is happening. Soon we will be adding a “Next Album Support” page to the website with more information and ways in which you can assist. If you want to help move their music forward, and the message it carries, any level of financial support is appreciated. There are also non-financial ways you can help. Spread the word about their music. 

Envy of Stars on YouTube (complete album)

Chris and Daya want to share their music with as many people as possible.  They asked me to put the Envy of Stars album on YouTube for all to enjoy. For those of you who own the album you know it’s delight to hear. I’m certainly bias, but to be honest, I never tire of listing to it. Hearing Envy of Stars lifts my spirits. 
What’s on YouTube is not a music video. It is there for the pleasure of those who wish to listen. It is also a way for Chris and Daya to share their music with a wider audience. Of course Envy of Stars is also available from Chris and Daya’s website, through, CDBaby.com and can be downloaded from your favorite digital service.  Please share the link with you family and friends, but if they like the music, encourage them to buy the album :-)  Please visit the youtube page and give the 
album a thumbs up. 


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