martes, 1 de marzo de 2016

Educating the Heart: Prem Rawat addresses students in Indonesia and Malaysia


During the month of September 2015, Prem Rawat visited Bali, Indonesia for the first time.  While delivering the keynote address about peace at a Sitkom University forum, he emphasized that people have the power to find peace in their own lives despite immense societal challenges.

Later in the month, he brought a similary profound message of peace to hundreds of students and faculty at Taylor's University in Kuala Lumpur.  He said, "Peace comes from the heart.  I'm not talking about the thing that pumps blood.  Exactly 50% of each human being is bad and exactly 50% is good. That good 50% is what peace is all about.  The heart gives us the ability to choose the good."Read more about Malaysia events here.

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