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Television Special: Practicing Peace with Burt Wolf and Prem Rawat

Television Special: Practicing Peace with Burt Wolf and Prem Rawat
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Prem Rawat (left) and Burt Wolf. Photo courtesy of Mary Rozzi (maryrozzi.com)
A new television special featuring Prem Rawat, founder of The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), is being broadcast at PBS stations across the U.S.
Over the course of the hour-long show, renowned journalist Burt Wolf explores the topic of personal peace with Prem Rawat, as well as the work of Nobel Peace Prize winners such as Linus Pauling, who was famous for his work on Vitamin C, and Jean-Henri Dunant, who founded the Red Cross. The special aims to “explain how your brain works, how negative forces can influence your behavior,” says Wolf.
Recognized by numerous international organizations as an “Ambassador of Peace,” Prem Rawat addresses hundreds of thousands of people each year at events across the world. In the TV special, “Prem tells us how to practice peace in our own lives,” says Wolf. “Prem uses classic stories that are easy to understand and always funny. You end up remembering the point and being able to use the teaching in your everyday life.”
The special, titled Practicing Peace with Burt Wolf and Prem Rawat, will be aired at dozens of PBS stations across the country over the next couple of months. Each station is in the process of determining its own broadcast dates and times.
See below for a tentative list of this week’s stations and times (check back here for updates). TPRF recommends that those who would like to view the program check their local station listings to confirm when it will air. People can also contact officials at their local stations to request that the programming be shown.

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