viernes, 8 de mayo de 2015


Developments on the ground in Nepal are evolving on a near-daily basis. To help keep you informed, we have created a special page where you can learn what is happening with new relief efforts, future plans, photos, perspective from villagers, and how we are doing with raising the money for this historic effort.
Your contributions are making it possible to respond quickly to help people who have survived the quake but are facing a daily struggle with the basics of food, shelter, water, and medical care. As of May 6, donations to the TPRF Nepal Relief fund have reached US$145,426, a significant beginning.
As Chandra Waiba, a local villager said, “Had there been no Food for People program, we would have died of hunger. It was raining, and we would not even have had a place to protect us.”
To contribute to this effort, please use this special donation form.
Read the latest news about TPRF’s relief efforts here.

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