miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2014

A beautiful exchange

Cary ONeal 10:42am Aug 14
Maharaji gave me a really valuable opportunity to speak with him 2 weeks after I received Knowledge. I asked him how can I quiet my mind in meditation. He said with a big smile “oh, you must be one of those new premies… when we sit down to meditate our mind immediately goes out outside and attaches itself to something like that roto-tiller over there (garden equipment on front lawn). All you have to do is calm it down a little bit and keep pulling it back inside, pulling it back inside, pulling it back inside. You don’t want to get a shot gun and blow the mind to pieces, you just want to calm it down a little bit and keep pulling back inside.” I then asked “yes but how do you actually connect to that energy?” He smiled and then held up his right hand- palm upwards as though he was introducing a whole new factor and said “and then there’s the Grace.” I asked him “so if I do Satsang, Service, and Meditation, will everything be OK?” He said “actually you alone exist.. Satsang, Service, and Meditation do not exist in themselves. This is an experience that you actually become. You become Satsang, you become Service, and you become Meditation.”
He communicated so much love and understanding in that brief conversation, it described the whole dynamic of my entire life – that if I keep making the effort to meditate, there will always be the Grace. I felt so much love from him in that moment, I wanted to tell him that I love him but for some reason did not speak those words out loud. So I just looked in his eyes and thought “I love you” and he immediately responded by nodding his head, showing me that he heard me.

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