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New book from ADI Publications ‘No Ordinary Box’ now for sale

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No Ordinary Box

Just released: 'No Ordinary Box', a new book from ADI Publications.
"There is a simple box. It has a priceless diamond inside. If you don't know about the diamond, you might treat it like any other box… But if you knew that a very precious diamond was inside this box, all of a sudden it is no ordinary box."
In 'No Ordinary Box', Prem Rawat explores the value of knowing what's in the box. For over four decades he has made the topic of peace personal and has been recognized for the impact of his work as an 'Ambassador for Peace'. This new book is an edited compilation of 20 talks delivered to live audiences, without script or rehearsal, and is richly illustrated with photographic art.
Tim Gallwey, author of the Inner Game books said, "I could not put it down. It is thrilling, intriguing and uplifting to the heart."
Inspiring and accessible, 'No Ordinary Box' is an excellent gift for friends and family.

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