sábado, 1 de diciembre de 2012

Peace Education Program (PEP)

The purpose of this educational program is to help attendees discover their own inner resources as well as the possibility of experiencing personal peace. TPRF’s Peace Education Program has a new curriculum including 10 thematic videos and a workbook to facilitate its presentation in a variety of environments. Currently, PEP has a tremendous history of success in prisons around the world. The program is now expanding as volunteers are introducing the 10-week course in the following venues: Colleges, Community Programs, Hospice Staff Programs, Parolee Programs, Retirement Community and Nursing Homes Programs, Veterans Programs, and Youth Programs.

There is now a new PEP webpage that reflects these current activities with links for more resources and how to get started if you are interested in introducing the PEP curriculum to a specific group. Check out the latest PEP articles about the Zonderwater Prison in South ...Ver más

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