sábado, 8 de diciembre de 2012

Happy Birthday Maharaji!!!


“To feel human. To feel whole. To feel complete. To feel real. As surely as the bird feels when it takes flight. As surely as the bee feels when it has found its nectar.” Maharaji ♥

The Message !!!

“Every living human being has something wonderful happening inside. Within each person is a supreme beauty. Within each person is peace, joy, the feeling of the heart.

I remind people that life itself is a gift. I encourage people to know that it is possible to open the windows of understanding so they can be fulfilled. I see each human being as complete. Within each one shines a sun so bright that it can make any darkness go away.

What I am proposing is that within each individual is the domain where peace can be found. This is the message that I feel is sorely needed in this world. How important it is for that one message to be accessible to everyone. http://theypi.net/the-message-of-prem-rawat.php

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