viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2012

Request to video access: Prem Rawat in Long Beach received

Peace Day Message from Prem RawatWatch the 2-minute Peace Day Message from Prem Rawat. This message will be featured on the Peace One Day website and is on the list of videos to be played at the Elton John Peace Day Concert at Wembley, England on June 21. (There is also a banner link to this video on the TPRF home page)

Prem Rawat Sends Video Message to Nordic Peace Conference

A highlight of conference on peace attended by students and faculty members of the United World Red Cross College was the 14-minute video sent to them by Prem Rawat. Read the article and view the video here.

Pure Water for Fiji Flood Victims

In a small ceremony earlier this month on Fiji's Denarau Island, Prem Rawat formally presented officials representing the nonprofit Empower Pacific with a donation to help ease some of the worst effects of major flooding in this small nation. Read more.

Peace Day Events Update

Read what’s happening world wide as friends of TPRF celebrate International Peace Day, September 21. Read more on TPRF’s Real Stories Blog.

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