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What's New at TPRF - August 21, 2012

The Prem Rawat Foundation
LisandroRead the moving story of Lisandro, a man who followed his father’s footsteps into a life of crime that led him repeatedly into jail. It was in jail that he came to “the defining moment that changed the course of his life.”Read more.

Jackie Jaidy, Nursing Director of St. John Eye Hospital, becomes a patient experiencing for herself the value of having eye care available in the Gaza strip.Read more.

Celebrating Peace Day
In this week’s blog post, Candice Wilmore suggests ways that communities can celebrate the UN International Day of Peace (September 21) by holding independent events focusing on TPRF’s Peace Education Program. Read more.

Read the story of a shy and withdrawn inmate who talks about “losing his shell” by participating in the Peace Education Program while in jail. Read more.

Dignity, Peace, Propserity

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