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P Rawat in Toronto & Montreal, Canada

The refrain, come a little closer, was as an echo, that reverberated in the hearts of many, after the two events in Toronto and Montreal, Canada. It doesn't matter where, but the magic always materializes from the moment Maharaji walks on stage, to his last wave of farewell.
His message ever pertains to the essence of knowing ones true self, but no matter how many times he speaks, Maharaji's delivery is as a wellspring, renewing and refreshing from his ever pertinent perspective.
One subject that was brought forth spoke of the fact that the human bodies composition is 70 % water, 30 % minerals. Water itself as everyone knows flows, and because it itself is formless, takes on the shape of any container it enters into. Using this analogy Maharaji began joking, would you buy a car that is 70% water, or a house for that matter? No of course not, but even though we are comprised of this fluidity, we still think so highly of ourselves, and again with his accurate sense of humor we have become proud water, that criticizes other water, labeling and judging all the other containers of water. We have become so fixated on our conceptual frameworks, that everything must fit into our categorical parameters,placing one another in conceptual boxes, that restrict our natural flow of giving and receiving.
However divinity, that is sustaining each of us, doesn't leave, because of perceptual processes of limited thought. It abides, through all of our transitions; pure, transparent, vitally alive, and cleanly conscious of that which is, was, and ever will be. This remembrance, this returning to our essence, is ever the thread that is strung through his communications.
Unfailingly we are reminded to feel this beautiful realm within us. It is never overt, as with pounding rhetoric of philosophical jargon, but rather the message emanates as from a flowers sweetness, attracting simply because the flower itself is the most fragrant. From this serene place of pristine clarity we can then look at what needs adjustment in our own lives, so we can maintain this level of subtlety.
Maharaji was invited to speak at the Dominguez State Jail, in San Antonio, Texas and from his visit with about 100 prisoners, two documentaries entitled Peace on the Inside were created, and shown at the Words of Peace Global events throughout South America and Europe. In part two, one of the prisoners who attended the event with Maharaji, commented: if everyone in prison was at peace, the world would be shocked.
But actually that is what is happening.  There is a transformation afoot, invisible, but powerful. Just as water vapor evaporates without any fanfare, ascends to form clouds, traveling thousands of miles to provide the purest distilled water,so too is this awareness of our own process, capturing our attention.It is an attentive motion that acknowledges our own internal rhythm. Past the boundaries of limitations, inflexible restrictions, and personal and collective judgement,there rests a serene and neutral force that is the very fabric, the energetic substance, that allows us to exist. This Knowing holds all our promise to awaken, returning to the simple acknowledgement that we are far more then what systems program us to be,and that often we so readily ascribe to.
Maharaji told a short story here in Montreal.There was a father and son lion, and the son said poppa I have a question. The lion was just lazing around as they sometimes are apt to do, but he said okay son what is your question.
Who Are We ? Queried the youngster. This woke the lion up, and standing  tall with pride, said: with one swipe of our great paws, and our razor sharp nails, we can slice through any prey. With our powerful legs we can outrun any animal, no matter their size, and overcome them. Our very roar brings trembling and respect, for we are The King of the Jungle.
The son impressed and thoughtful for awhile, drew within to ponder all this, but shortly returned a few minutes later and said dad can I ask you one more question. Of course said the father.Then why are we in a zoo?
As humans, basically the same question applies. For, for thousands of years we have not understand who we are, and the blessings that are ours to fully know. We have completely lost the context, and failed miserably in our recognition of what is really going on here.
For thousands of years many have waited and prayed for the angels to come and save us. Winged ones, noble of feature with blond hair, but they haven't come. You know why, because those angels are us. No recognition of  your own self, the miracle of you, for we are more then talking, walking water. Consciousness infuses us, so we may realize the divinity that moves and breathes us.
Come closer to that,  perceive in detail, acclimating to this clarity, and be in that environment that nurtures this understanding.
This is possible, and this is how we are meant to live.To become fully human. and relate as humans, caring for each other and this Earth.We have lost touch with our humanity. How the so called most "educated and intelligent" people can, without remorse, blatantly kill. And the reason, for money. How we were taught all these things, but not taught the most basic, of how to rein in our greed.
For as humans we are capable of such love. Do you know what love is? It is the deepest caring, where with all the power that you have you give of yourself  ensuring that the being of your affection, is totally embraced in heart and soul.
We are not here looking for our frailties, with tests, and evaluations that are a measure of our worthiness.Success is not what you think it is. It has nothing to do with the fulfillment of your ambitions, or how rich you are, etc. Success is finding the source and realization of your own exquisite perfection. Find that, revel in that, finding your completion inside your own skin.
Come a little closer to you and that divinity will be your closest and constant companion. Then joy will fill in all the once empty spaces, and you will be pervaded by the comfort of Gods love.
That power and you are inseparable. Honor these blessings that are ours, for once you know who you are, you can answer with utmost confidence, how are you. We are loved and we must strive, with all our strength, to embody this grace, and exemplify the outpouring that floods through us.
Courtesy of Jan Buchhalter ♥

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