viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

Congratulations, we're over the top and counting!

Dear Friends of TPRF,
Your generosity is remarkable!
Thanks to you, $25,162 has been raised in just 14 days for World Water Day 2012, exceeding the $25,000 target. Check it out.
Here's what you made possible:
-  228,974 people receiving clean water
-  45 mechanics trained each one servicing 50 wells for 5,000 people
- Smiles and hope to thousands of people in India for a brighter future.

Thank you for helping TPRF "change the equation" in so many people’s lives and continue addressing the fundamental human needs of Food, Water, and Peace.
TAP joins TPRF in thanking you for your heartfelt response to this campaign. Watch their video here (1:12 min).
Contributions for this project can be received through the month of March.
Let's keep it going so more even people can have clean water.
Thanks again to all of you for doing your part to help make this campaign a super success!!

With best wishes,
Linda Pascotto, President
Kathya Bustamante, Fundraising Director

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