lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

An Adventure with TPRF for World Water Day/Corrected Donation Link

We’re back for round 2 of World Water Day!
Many of you may recall last year’s successful campaign with The Adventure Project (TAP), which raised $23,000 in one day and helped train water well mechanics to assure clean water for thousands of people in India.
We’re joining forces again, but this time on a larger scale in two different rural areas in India.
The Adventure Projects Goal:
Empower 186 people to become well mechanics. Each mechanic will care for 50 wells ensuring cleaner water for 5000 people.
$550 helps train one mechanic. 186 trained = 930,000 people receiving clean water for a total cost of $102,300.
TPRF’s promise:
TPRF has promised to match up $25,000 of that goal.
Help us keep our promise and bring clean water to thousands of families in India.
You can help TPRF help TAP:
TPRF has launched a World Water Day campaign for this purpose. If TPRF can raise a total of $25,000, then TPRF can fulfill its matching promise without reducing the funds available to other worthy projects that TPRF supports.
Please DONATE NOW through March 22nd and select the World Water Day 2012 option
Sign up as a blogger on The Adventure Project's page and help recruit friends and families for this great cause.
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