miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

Something Really Special!

Something really special happened in Texas last week, and we’d like to share the news.  On Wednesday, January 25 Prem Rawat spoke at the Dominguez State Jail to inmates who have been attending his Peace Education Program. Participants had the opportunity to interact, ask questions, and share some laughs with him.
The following morning he addressed students and professors at the University of Texas, San Antonio campus where State Representative Joaquin Castro awarded Prem Rawat with a State Resolution and honorary title of Mayor of San Antonio.
Excitement was in the air, and several media news crews filmed the event. Check out this short TV clip from Univision and see for yourself.
Read the full article about both events on www.tprf.org.
The continued expansion of this program is made possible by the support of individual donors.

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