sábado, 25 de febrero de 2012

[New Video] 23andMe: Give us your hand


Dear Blanca,

We are excited to announce that Muhammad Ali has joined the 23andMe Parkinson's research effort. Watch this inspirational video with Muhammad and Lonnie Ali about his life's journey with Parkinson's.  

23andMe: Give Us Your Hand23andMe: Give Us Your Hand  
You too can advance research by answering survey questions. All of your answers to these questions, combined with your genetic information, provide clues that can someday lead researchers to new treatments and possible cures.   

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~The 23andMe Research Team

Watch the premier of a version of this video along with highlights from Muhammad Ali's 70th Birthday Gala this Saturday (2/25) on ABC and ESPN2. Check your local listing as times may vary.

Learn more about our Parkinson's Research at www.23andme.com/pd 

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