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From Atop the Hill of Peace

The following is Part I of interactions between Prem Rawat and the Peace Education students at the Dominquez State Jail in San Antonio, Texas.

PEP Student TS: The message you brought has touched my life. I want to thank you for the words of wisdom, which have taught me to follow my heart and not the evil thoughts of my brain.
Though I still need help from time to time and struggle to overcome these thoughts, I find solace in attending Inner Peace every chance I get. My biggest problem at this point is accepting that my family has given up on me. And though most don’t realize it, society has given up hope on all of us as convicted felons. That is why they keep us locked up and in cages. So it is that through you, I am giving myself a second chance at life upon my release. It brings me great joy to feel this inner peace and contentment in my heart.
This brings me to my question. How do I show my family that I am a changed man? How do I show them that I filled that void which plagued me for so long with a newfound peace? I long to show, teach, and experience this new life with them. I want to show the world that we can change, and that change has come through the videos provided by your knowledge of inner peace.

Prem Rawat: If you change only for them, they’ll never get it. The day you change for yourself, they’ll be there like bees on a flower. That’s how it goes. Do you know how attractive a content person is? You want to keep company of a happy person. You just do.
But, go beyond, “Oh, now my family will accept me.” Go beyond that, and say, “I will accept me.” Set that as your bar. Because you know what’s really amazing? Ultimately, you did not give up on yourself. And that’s the only thing that’s going to allow you to transform and rise above like the phoenix from the ashes. Not from crumpled or slightly burnt but from the ashes rises the phoenix. Be the phoenix.

PEP Student CC: I have received more insight from Prem Rawat’s videos than I have time to discuss. Some revelations were profound and instantaneous while others were more subtle and progressed.
When viewing the field of life from atop the hill of peace (referring to a metaphor used by Prem Rawat), you see that no situation is too large or overwhelming to handle.
From the hill of peace, anything is possible, and I can retain the joy and the calm inside myself. Whenever a situation or emotion rises up to swallow me, it has become my mantra to close my eyes, take a deep breath and say, “How does this look or feel from sitting on top of my hill of peace?” And I immediately feel a calm and ability to face whatever is ahead.
I have only one thing to ask you—that you never give up your pursuit of giving your message of peace throughout the world. Your message is an inspiration and motivation like no other. And from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the insight your message has brought into my life. And I intend to pass on the peace so that maybe I can brighten somebody else’s dark room. Thank you.

Prem Rawat: Thank you. I will do my best, as I have been, since I was a little boy. Even as long as I have been doing this, I will continue till my last breath. This is what I am all about.
It’s about the heart, and I’m not here to judge you. You’ve already been judged once. To me, you’re a human being, and you will always be, whatever clothes you wear. To me this feels like one of my events anywhere in the world. It does not feel like I’m in an institution.
Even in here, with everything that you see every day, you still recognize that little part of humanity that exists everywhere. That’s going to make all the difference in the world. You know, kindness is a gift. Kindness is a gift we can give each other, and it doesn’t cost a penny. And it will last for the rest of your life.

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