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WOPG Newsletter - "The Journey," "The Final Frontier" and more

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Several full-length videos are now ready to watch on the Premium channel. If you haven't already seen Nadi, Fiji or Brisbane, Australia, you haven't lost your chance to do so. If you've already seen those, Melbourne, Australia was only just released.
You can either Pay-Per-View or download these videos directly from our online store. Be sure to check for new material each Friday.

Video short
The Journey
You can make one lifetime the most incredible time.
The Journey is about the journey of life — about making that journey a comfortable one by connecting to the anchor of breath.
"You have to walk. You have to go. You have to proceed. If you proceed in understanding, if you proceed in clarity, if you proceed with this heart, if you proceed with consciousness, the journey will not only be successful, but very joyful."

On the road
Report: India Tour - Fall 2011
From late September to early November, Maharaji traveled India to speak about a very fundamental subject: peace. With the help of volunteers, formerly spare grounds were made festive with garlands, fabric and dyed powders, giving each event a feeling of joy and celebration.
During his tour, he stopped in the cities of Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai before returning to Delhi for a two-day event.

From our blog

The Final Frontier

I recently watched a 2002 interview of Nichelle Nichols (Lieutenant Uhura — she wore red on the Starship Enterprise, and her kiss with Captain Kirk was the first interracial smooch on TV in the United States) where she was speaking warmly of Star Trek, saying that infinite diversity and infinite combinations are what make the world beautiful.
Indeed: what if there were only one color, one sound, one season, one kind of flower, or one kind of animal? Nature has made grains of sand and snowflakes, not to mention all the stars in the universe...

Humanitarian aid

TPRF Supports Free Eye Clinics for India's Rural Poor

One day last November, Rajhardi, who lives in rural Patehria in Uttar Pradesh, India's largest state, walked barefoot for more than three miles to a neighboring village. He was headed for an eye clinic supported by TPRF and its counterpart in India, Prem Sagar Foundation (PF), where he was examined and fitted with prescription eyeglasses at no cost.
“Earlier my vision was blurred,” he said. “But now I am seeing much clearer.”

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