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WOPG Newsletter - European Parliament welcomes back Ambassador of Peace, "A Cup of Sweetness" and more

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European Parliament Welcomes Back Ambassador of Peace
The 1st Vice President of the European Parliament, the Honorable Gianni Pittella, hosted an international conference titled: “Peace and Well-being, addressing the founding values of the European Union” on November 28.
Gianni Pittella and keynote speaker Prem Rawat were introduced by Dr. Anthony Seldon, political historian, author, journalist, and current Headmaster of Wellington College (UK). Referring to Ambassador of Peace Prem Rawat, Dr. Seldon commented, “Peace — what a wonderful country to be Ambassador for.”

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Always Remember
About the road of life and the things human beings should always remember, this video features footage captured at a special shoot in the desert. "Within you is the drum that plays the beat to know, to understand, to move, to dance, to dance to that rhythm, to dance that dance that is the dance of understanding. I understand. I understand what a gift I have been given. I understand my urge to blossom."

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A Cup of Sweetness

In the south of Brazil, close to the border of Argentina, we have a custom of drinking maté or chimarrão in a type of calabash gourd known as a cuia. It's customary to drink this strong and bitter infusion — a mix of yerba maté leaves and hot water — through a metal straw.
The gaúchos, inhabitants of the lowlands known as the pampas, drink it all day long. They form a circle and pass the cuia from one person to another. Everyone drinks in turn, and it’s a very convivial moment.

Humanitarian aid

TPRF Funds Well-drilling Program in Andhra Pradesh

The construction of bore wells in remote villages in southeastern India will help villagers lift themselves out of a persistent cycle of poverty and disease.
TPRF has given $16,756 to the Sri K. Pitchi Reddy Educational and Welfare Society (SPREAWS) to drill and maintain bore wells in 15 of the most water-challenged villages of Andhra Pradesh State. The project will benefit an estimated 7,500 families. SPREAWS, established in 1994, is a grassroots nonprofit that works towards the empowerment of low-caste, tribal and other indigenous, marginalized people in Andhra Pradesh through the provision of basic necessities and education.

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