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WOPG Newsletter - CDs now for sale, an all-new video and more

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Happy Holidays
We're nearing the end of another year and the celebrations have already begun.
If you're looking for ways to share the good cheer, PeaceCardsare a simple way to reach out to someone you care about. If you're looking to keep in touch with this message, be sure to check out our event videosspecial videos and more.

CDs — not just MP3s
Now you can purchase either Oasis or UR My Inspiration as a CD that will ship directly to you. We'll continue to add more physical products over time: be sure to check back to see what's for sale. And, like always, you can skip the extra packaging and buy the MP3 or ALAC versions instead.

Video short
Best Friend
Over scenes of human beings living and enjoying their lives, Prem Rawat speaks about what is truly pleasant in this existence. "Think of life like this: it is your opportunity to spend time with the best friend you ever had — to be with the ultimate clarity in this whole universe. It is your chance to spend time with the ultimate kindness. It is your chance to spend time with the infinite. It is your chance to spend some time with the ultimate joy."

From our blog

High Energy Collisions

Whenever I hear people recall stories from their childhood I feel awe at their ability to remember all those details. My own childhood is a blurry vision on a screen. Not much can be seen clearly, but I know it happened and can intuit some of its details by noticing subtle nuances in who I am now — kind of like how physicists can map out the existence of subatomic particles by tracing the results of high energy collisions in a super collider.
There are a few moments, however, that I do recall with great clarity. They were invariably moments that held the feeling of exaltation and discovery, or of pure freedom.

Humanitarian aid

TPRF Aids Water Purification Program in Drought-Ravaged Ethiopia

Only a third of residents in the Borena Zone of Oromia, Ethiopia's largest province, have access to clean and safe drinking water. A $20,000 contribution from TPRF is helping to fund a water purification program in the region. This program directly reduces the incidence of waterborne diseases among the local population, giving about 10,000 people a better chance for a healthy, productive life.

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