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Update from WOPG-TV Executive Producer

Words of Peace Global
Since the fundraising campaign began earlier this fall, over $1,250,000 has been contributed by many of you. This is a truly remarkable response. Thank you to all of the generous donors who have helped. Although we've come far, additional support is needed if we're going to take the next step in the revolution of WOPG media — only $750,000 to go for this campaign. We could easily meet our goal if all of the regular visitors to the website contributed.

A letter from Ray Belcher
In the letter below, Executive Producer Ray Belcher explains the steps being made as well as the road ahead: 
Hello, everyone,
Wow, what a time it is! So many ideas and so much effort from Maharaji. In thirty-two years of helping with his efforts, I have never seen such passion and conviction to take the next step forward. Many mornings I wake up thinking about how we can fulfill this vision that Maharaji has to give everyone in the world the chance to hear his message. If it wasn’t for his effort in guiding us, it couldn't happen. We've interviewed so many people before and after Maharaji speaks — you can see the impact he's having. It makes me feel humble and aware of the responsibility to be true to what he wants.

Thanks to your efforts we've been able to:
  • Build two new state-of-the-art studios in Barcelona and complete the construction of another in L.A. This will allow the creation of many new videos, LifeStreams, and broadcasts.
  • Use RED Digital Cinema production and processing. RED cameras meet the highest industry standards and allow feature movie quality. We have just completed our first major shoot using all RED cameras.
  • Produce a whole new level of videos that are of broadcast and commercial quality.
  • Invest in training and employ Hollywood's professional talent to assist in our learning.
  • Extend production editing beyond the U.S. to Europe and the Pacific, allowing a truly global feel for Maharaji’s message.
We are on the verge of an amazing year, where even the nature of events could be revolutionary. WOPG-TV, the next generation of Words of Peacetelevision as imagined by Maharaji, is also about to finally happen. All of the work — all of the effort of all of us — is ready to come to fruition.

But again, I wake up each morning with one fear: am I up to this? Can we get the support needed to make this change that he wishes would finally happen?

We are on the edge of turning the game around and this year — with thanks to you — we will start to create products that are commercially viable. But until then we still need help. We need everybody’s help. I am sure we always will, one way or another, but now is a critical time you can really help us. Now is the time we need to pull together and support a truly progressive change that will allow this message to reach new heights.

I am often stunned when I look at the opportunity we have. Out of all the people in the world, the opportunity has been given to us to help take a new step forward, allowing his message to be heard by more people than ever before.

Will the support be there to carry this through? He believes it will and has told me so again and again. He has always said to just tell the people what is needed. Let it be real and the support will be there.

If you can help, please — now is the time to do it.
button_becomeasponsor.pngRay Belcher
Executive Producer

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