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"No Thanks, Santa!" .. New Movie from Treasure Inside

Treasure Inside Series

Santa Claus Is Dismissed and Learns of Inner Gifts, According to New Online Video
Doylestown, PA December 14, 2011    Santa Claus, internationally-known bearer of gifts and good tidings, was recently relieved of all of his Christmas responsibilities, due to an allegedly widespread appreciation of inner resources.  A video, entitled "No Thanks, Santa!", is circulating widely over the Internet, and explaining the reasons for this sudden dismissal. This video shows Mr. Claus's strong emotional reaction to the news. The news was delivered yesterday by Joel Metzger, of Doylestown, PA, US, who gives five reasons for appreciating the gifts of life that come every day. Evidently this appreciation is widely shared and indicates a new general awareness of the qualities within, rather than possessions and items in physical reality.

Joel thanks Mr. Claus for his work and speaks highly of his effort to bring gifts to good children around the world, but then goes on to say, "The times are changing. I've been looking inside myself and discovering what I already have." Mr. Claus is shown in the video losing his consistently jolly disposition and vociferously weeping. Joel tries to console Mr. Claus, saying, "Good luck finding another job" and he suggests, "Check the department stores downtown. They hire people like you every Christmas. Joel walks away with his arm on Mr. Claus's shoulders, leaving viewers with the question, "Has Joel spoken harmfully to this all-time hero, or do we indeed have gifts inside of us?"

The video "No Thanks, Santa!" can be watched on the web at the Treasure Inside website along with a series of 13 videos about gifts that are allegedly possessed by every person every day. To watch this video, go to
 http://www.SantaDismissal.net  Visitors can see all the movies in this series by going tohttp://www.TreasureInside.net  The series of videos is also available in a DVD collection, found on the above website.

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