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In this short video, Maharaji talks about understanding and appreciating the miracle of the breath. "Because of this miracle of miracles — of this breath — comes the gift of life. Life makes all these other miracles possible. That you can be. That you can think, that you can admire, that you can have gratitude in your life. Gratitude."

On the road
Report: Event in Brisbane - September 14, 2011
“The root word for ignorance comes from 'ignore.' So, for all the ignorance there is in this world, what does that mean? Well, it means we’re ignoring something. And what could that be? What do you think that could be? What is that one thing that we would ignore that would have the most severe consequence on our existence?”

On September 14, 2011, Maharaji arrived in Brisbane after two full weeks of touring the Pacific region. The event took place in the Chandler Theatre — one of the largest theaters in Southeast Queensland. Arriving guests piled into the hall, ready to hear Maharaji speak about a familiar yet profound subject.
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Call and Response

I sometimes feel isolated and lonely living in modern society. I may not be alone in that feeling. The tribal connections of our long gone ancestors are something we are wired for but those wires are frayed by our busy lifestyle, our goal-oriented agendas and our gadget-enhanced self-reliance. We forget to acknowledge each other and we don't take pleasure in being in each others' presence, it seems to me.

Humanitarian aid

TPRF Funds Healthy School Lunches for Johannesburg Teens

In the poorest sections of Johannesburg, balanced meals financed by a $30,000 grant from TPRF will give 500 high school students a better start in life. This is the second TPRF grant for the same program.
The ACFS Community Education and Feeding Scheme has been feeding Africa's indigent children since 1945, when Bishop Trevor Huddleston began distributing peanut butter sandwiches at schools. Today, the program goes much further, says Executive Director Phindile Hlalele. While school meals remains its core focus, she says, “we also work to promote healthy, contributing citizens who are economically viable and self-sufficient.”

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