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WOPG Newsletter - "A Message of Peace", Amaroo and more

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A Message of Peace
"There are 6.7 billion people on the face of this earth. What do these 6.7 billion people want? What do they wish every day, so that there be peace in their lives? What is peace?"

Season 11, Ep. 12: In this episode, members of the public and Prem Rawat examine what peace truly means. "Why peace? Whose idea is it? Is it something that we learned?" Prem Rawat asks. "Why is this world interested in peace?"

On the road
Report: Event in Amaroo - September 3 and 4, 2011
“It is not those changes that matter — it is the constant. Your firmness to adhere to understanding that blessing every day — that’s going to make you who you are. That is your strength. Deviating from that understanding, deviating from that clarity is your weakness.”

Over the course of two days, Maharaji spoke extensively at the Ivory's Rock Conference Centre outside of Brisbane, Australia. From formal talks to impromptu interactions, attendees had many opportunities to listen — whether those opportunities were officially scheduled or not.
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From our blog

Golden Mountain

A fragrant, mountainous pile of fresh, loose straw glowing in the bright sunshine of summer — that's a mighty impressive invitation to a six-year-old.
Back in the 1950s my family harvested the oat crop using a combine pulled by a tractor. One of our neighbors, however, still did it the old-fashioned way — with a threshing machine. It was a monstrous silver clanking insect of gears, belts, shakers, sieves, grain spout, large fan and adjustable cylinder that protruded antenna-like to discharge the straw.

Humanitarian aid

Water Brings Hope to Kenya's Driest Regions

The families of nomadic herdsmen in Kenya's remote Wajir province, where in some areas it has not rained in three years, will have a better chance at a healthy future thanks to an immediate infusion of emergency supplies of clean drinking water.
TPRF has made an outright grant of $25,000 to Mercy Corps (MC) and up to $10,000 more in matching funds to help address the immediate life-threatening situation as well as to take steps to help avoid such devastation in the future. The matching funds will be at 50 cents per dollar for funds raised on a TPRF campaign on Facebook.

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