sábado, 15 de octubre de 2011

What’s New at TPRF

Several new articles of interest have been posted on tprf.org in the last week:
• Reaching Out with Social Media: Steve Kowarsky, an accomplished software and telecommunications executive, helped launch TPRF into the social media arena in a big way. In the first part of his interesting blog, Steve tells us how he did it.
• Inviting Peace In: Join Peace Education team member Marcela Isaurralde on a tour of the Ezeiza Prison in Argentina as she describes in her recent blog post the impact of the peace classes and Prem Rawat’s visit on inmates and administration officials.
• TPRF funds School Lunches for Johannesburg Teens: In the poorest sections of Johannesburg, balanced meals financed by a $30,000 grant from TPRF will give 500 high school students a better start in life.
• Sponsors for Peace: Travel to Friedberg, Germany to experience a first class Golf and Dinner event staged by an enterprising group of volunteers who really rolled out the red carpet.

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